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News for the Show

This where I will post news about Angel and Buffy. I couldn't divide it into two parts one Buffy one Angel cause there was just too much where they were talking about both together. However I would like to state that you must beware because when I say news for the show that does include spoilers for future eppies.

Most of the info I am getting from different sources so I would like to thank ahead of time everyone who I received the info from!!!

New Buffy eppies:


Don't Look Down

Primal Fear


Written by Drew Z. Greenberg
Dawn falls for the star quarterback
All the women fall for the star quarterback
The Quarterback's charms are due to his jacket
Xander and Spike save the day
Spike moves into Xander's Apartment


Future Buffy eppie names:

128. 7-6 7ABB06 05-Nov-2002 Him
129. 7-7 7ABB07 12-Nov-2002 Conversations With Dead People
130. 7-8 7ABB08 19-Nov-2002 Sleeper
131. 7-9 Points Of Origin (1)
132. 7-10 Points Of Origin (2)
133. 7-11 Don't Tread On Me
134. 7-12 Parthenogenesis
135. 7-13 Sticks and Stones
136. 7-14 Of Vamps and Men
137. 7-15 Glory
138. 7-16 Fire and Ice (My Sister Site! LOL)
139. 7-17 Understanding
140. 7-18 Puddle
141. 7-19 Love Lies
142. 7-20 Faithful
143. 7-21 The Beginning (1)
144. 7-22 The Beginning (2)

Comments and Wild Speculation:
Assuming this is reasonably accurate,
the "Glory" & "Faithful" ones are easily
interpreted as Glory and Faith.

"Don't Tread On Me" might be a Dawn
empowering one that logically leads
into "Parthenogenesis"

The importance of the "Parthenogenesis"
one we commented on when it first surfaced,
then disappeared for a long time, before

The last time we saw this word outside of a
biology book about self-impregnation & birth in
invertebrates was in "Dawn the Last Slayer, Part 2".

" 'course, I had to," Clare smiled wanly,
"play lots of games of checkers until Glory
was satisfied that all was perfect.
Parthenogenesis it ain't," she said
without explaining.

We assume some "new vessel" (Clare Kramer's
recent interview words) for Glory is intended
by its appearance several episodes before the
"Glory" episode.

That vessel could be Dawn the Key.

This is all beginning to look very intriguing.

All speculaton, but great fun.

When bad things happen to good vampires
Scripps Howard News Service
October 22, 2002

- "Angel" star David Boreanaz loves being evil.

"David Boreanaz is so great as Angelus. He's wonderful as Angel, but
there's a glint in his eye and a spring in his step when he's
Angelus," said Jeffrey Bell, co-executive producer and the new
showrunner of "Angel," which has its season premiere Sunday.

Angel, the vampire with a soul, will become the wicked Angelus again
this winter when the gang needs the help of a Hannibal Lecter-like
creature to catch the season's Big Bad. But Fred (Amy Acker), Gunn
(J. August Richards) and Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) are prepared
when Angel's soul is removed; they put Angelus in a cage.

Of course, Angelus escapes, and it'll be up to the vampire slayer
Faith (Eliza Dushku) to capture him during February sweeps. The saga
leading up to the new Angelus storyline will begin during November
sweeps, which begins Thursday, Bell said in a phone interview.

"Episode 7 (airing Nov. 17) will introduce the character who will be
the Big Bad for the season," Bell said. "That episode will be a
cliffhanger, and we'll come back with episode 8 (in winter 2003).
This guy is so bad and so tough that only one person can handle him,
and that leads us to Angelus during February sweeps.

"He (the villain) is not someone we've met before. He's not human;
he's the toughest thing Angel has ever faced. He's smart, he's
strong, he's cruel," Bell said.

And will the much talked-about apocalypse, the one involving Angel,
happen this season on the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spinoff? Bell
won't say for certain, but something big is going on this year.

"We have an episode called 'Apocalypse Nowish,'" Bell said. (He added
it's not connected to the new hellmouth stirrings on "Buffy.") Bell
declined to say too much about the new villain or how Angel's soul
will be removed and later restored.

"We'll have to find out," Bell said about the soul. "We won't take
any shortcuts."

Bell explained why now is the time for Angelus. Angel hasn't shown
his evil side since the second season of "Buffy" when he lost his
soul after one moment of true happiness during sex with Buffy (Sarah
Michelle Gellar).

"We've tried to get Angel to the place where he can make peace with
what he's done. He's now doing the right thing because it's the right
thing and not to atone for what he's done in the past," Bell said.

As Angel approaches the point of contention, it's important to take
some peace away from him. That's the philosophy of mixing pain and
joy in "Angel" and "Buffy."

"Angel" has been moving forward at a quick pace during last season
and the new one. Lilah became the new head of the evil law firm,
Wolfram &Hart, when she didn't just go over her boss' head. She cut
it off - at a board meeting.

"On our show, anyone can die at any moment. You never know," Bell
said. "It makes it fun."

Meanwhile, in Sunday's (Oct. 27) episode, Cordelia (Charisma
Carpenter) returns from her boring duties in heaven, but she won't
remember everything she did up there.

Bell explained why Cordelia rose to heaven just as Angel was sent to
the bottom of the Pacific. "We knew we had an unrequited love.
Cordelia finds out she loves Angel. She rushes to a place to see him,
and we knew we had to get them as far away from each other as

Originally, plans had called for Angel to be buried under a mall, but
the ocean was better, Bell said. "Will they (Angel and Cordelia) get
together, or won't they? That will play out for a while in different

The producers hadn't originally planned for Angel to have a son,
Connor, but it was a natural outcome of the plot that brought back
the vampire Darla (Julie Benz), Bell said. "It was, 'What if Darla
was pregnant and showed up?' It really grew from Angel, in a moment
of weakness after a horrible day, saw his old girlfriend, and they're
in bed, and he didn't care and they have sex."

Sending Connor (Vincent Kartheiser) to a hell dimension allowed the
baby to grow into a young man, one who left his father, Angel, on the
bottom of the ocean during the summer when he falsely believes Angel
killed his adoptive father, the vengeful Holtz.

Angel resurfaces and gives his son some tough love. He kicks him out
of the Los Angeles hotel that serves as his home. "He loves his son
but can't stand to be around him," Bell said.

"Angel" is continuing its tradition of not presenting a Halloween-
theme story this week, Bell said. He explained there's too much to do
in the overall storyline.

Joss Whedon, executive producer and co-creator of "Angel," directed
an episode in which all the characters, including Angel and Cordelia,
have amnesia. They revert to their personas at age 17, which means
the return of the shallow, not-so-nice Cordelia from the
early "Buffy" seasons.

Episode 8

NEW! - The "shapeshifter" is really The First. Supposedly a big bad
of the season. (Although not necessarily *the* big bad of the
season.) Yet again, it takes on Buffy's form in this episode while at
a mall with Spike. Meanwhile, the real Buffy's searching for Spike
and the two versions of Buffy yet again confuse him.

NEW! - For some unknown reason (to me, at least) Spike has regained
his ability to feed from humans.

They were shooting an exterior night scene in front of two apartment houses. It was a scene with Spike and young woman with shoulder-length blonde hair. They did three separate pieces of the same scene.

Spike was wearing a short black jacket, unbuttoned, with a dark tee under
it, black jeans and black shoes (not boots). The young woman (I think the actress was called Stacey) was wearing jeans, platform heels, and a denim jacket with a spotted fake fur collar.

Spike and "Stacey" were friendly; it almost looked like a date. The first scene had them walking and chatting in front of one apartment building that had a "For Rent" sign on the lawn, and then they started across the street.
The second piece had Spike, hands in his pockets, walking with her up the walk and to the stairs of the second apartment building. She started up the stairs, turned, and gestured as if she was inviting him up. He stepped back and looked down at his feet, as if he was reluctant. And then she came back down the steps again. Cut.

In the third scene, Spike killed her. He grabbed her, bit her hard on the neck, and dropped her body to the ground. This scene wasn't shot in
continuation with the scene where she came down the stairs, which seems odd.
When they were rehearsing it, which they did several times, James was careful not to let her hit the ground too hard.

It's hard to tell what was going on because I couldn't hear a word of dialogue. I don't think it was a flashback; no black leather coat, no
swagger, and Spike's body language in the first two parts of the scene seemed to be soul-having. "Stacey" appeared to be human, and he didn't show any pain after biting her.

Fantasy or dream sequence, maybe? Either that, or Spike is unchipped and killing again.

Episode 7
Title: Conversations with Dead People
Special Guest: The Breeders

A bit more Spike here. Initial Spoilers indicate a B/S make-out scene, but
I'd rank that as only a possible happening. The dead are coming back to
haunt the Scoobs. Willow thinks she sees Tara. Dawn thinks she sees Joyce.
If you ask me, I think Morphy...the shapeshifter in the basement is coming
out to play. If I'm recalling correctly, I think Spike and Buffy join forces
to face a demon of some kind and after they kill it there's the alleged

Episode 8
Title: Sleepers
Special Guest: Amie Mann performing "Pavlov's Bell"

There's a serial killer on the loose in Sunnydale. Buffy finds out (thinks)
Spike has gone back to his vampirey ways. Jonathon and Andrew return to good
ole Sunny-D. Now...this next part? Don't flip until you read all of it.
Spike appears to be having some chip problems, a la...he kills and feeds off
this chick named Stacey. Thankfully, for the sake of my health, I know for a
fact that it is not Spike, but Morphy posing as Spike that's doing the
slaughtering. Morphy!Spike will likely be the "serial killer" they're
looking for. I have a hunch, and this is spec not spoiler, that this will be
the ep where the soul-reveal happens. They think it's Spike eating people,
but then find out the chip is still operational, and/or Buffy lets it slip
that he has a soul. Dunno, really.


Episode 9

Points of Origin Part 1 - nov 26 2002

This two parter deals with the power of the slayer and its connection to the bloodline of vampires.

Episode 10

Points of Origin Part 2 -Jan 07 2003

This two parter deals with the power of the slayer and its connection to the bloodline of vampires.

Episode 11

Training Montage - Jan 14 2003

Buffy trains Dawn in demon slayage!

Episode 12

Sticks and Stones - Jan 21 2003

The scooby gang gets split up over the actions and attitude of Buffy.

Episode 13

Of Vamps and Men - Jan 28 2003

What was once black and white becomes frightfully grey.

Episode 14

Pipe Dream - Feb 04 2003

All the scoobies see their uttermost dreams come true but is that really a good thing?.

Episode 15

In the Land of the Blind - Feb 11 2003

In this episode everyone in Sunnydale becomes blind and Buffy must stop the evil forces who have caused this without her sight.

Episode 16

Don't Tread on Me - Feb 18 2003

The scoobies face the snake haired demon Medusa.

Episode 17

Parthenogenesis - Feb 25 2003

We learn the true origin of Dawn, as well as, the extent of her power.

Episode 18

Point and Counterpoins - Mar 04 2003

Faith returns.

Episode 19

Glory - Mar 11 2003

Someone or something gets restored to their former glory.

Episode 20

Duel of the Fates

A battle to determine several characters fates will occur and the results will be shocking.

Episode 21

Watch This - Mar 25 2002

Buffy and Faith battle the corrupt Council of Watchers. Giles is forced to make the hardest decision of his life.

Episode 22

Shut your mouth - May 01 2003

Buffy and friend's take on the Hellmouth and the ultimate evil. By the end of the finale some of the scoobies will perish.

Future Angel eppie

- In the teaser, Angel is talking to Lorne.
- Angel is upset that he can't find anything in the books to tell him how to defeat the Beast. He wants to be left alone
- Cordelia is living with Connor.
- Lorne tells Angel that they all love Cordy but he needs to move on.
- Gwen Raiden is back.
- She's dealing with a mobster named Adrian, who wants her to steal to amulets.
- Gwen and Adrian are interrupted by the Big Bad showing up.
- The Big Bad sticks his whole fist through Adrian.
- Adrian is really some sort of demon, and the Beast rips a metal component for an orb out of his remains.
- A little later, Gwen and Angel have teamed up and are investigating the smoldering remains of the Beast's latest victim which has been ripped to shreds.
- There they meet Eddie, who's a very short, sacred guardian guy, who explains to them what's going on.
- The Beast is out to kill all of the "totems". The Beast intends to turn out the sun- no more daylight ever.
- The Beast so far has killed four of the five totems. The last totem is Eddie.
- Angel and Gwen take Eddie to the Hyperion to protect him. Cordy, Wes, Fred, Gunn and Lorne are all there.

What do you and the cast do together when you're not filming?
Masturbate. You mean together? Oh, never mind. Typically, we'll just all hang out and drink wine. Just cook and chill. Know what I'm saying?

Joyce (Kristine Sutherland returns) will visit Dawn from beyond the grave
and Willow is visited by a ghost that she believes is Tara (but, as far as I
know, Amber Benson does not return) in the Tuesday, Nov. 12 episode of
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Also in this episode, Jonathan (Danny Strong)
and Andrew (Tom Lenk) return to Sunnydale.

The leader of the Cordettes will return in the Sunday, Nov. 10 episode of
"Angel," which was written and directed by Joss Whedon. This is the episode
that finds all the characters reverting to their high school personas when
Lorne's memory spell goes awry. The only way to reverse the spell? You
guessed it -- you've got to kill a vampire.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Conversations with Dead People
60 min.
In a jarring episode filled with returning characters, Buffy, Dawn
and Willow encounter deceased people from their pasts.
While out on patrol, Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) squares off with a
former classmate and current vampire (Jonathan M. Woodward), who
goads her into revealing her insecurities. Back at home, Dawn
(Michelle Trachtenberg) is thrown into a panic when an invisible
force trashes the Summers' house and deposits the corpse of her
mother (Kristine Sutherland) on the sofa. Then Willow (Alyson
Hannigan) awakens to see Tara (Amber Benson) sitting across from her
at the library. Meanwhile, nerdy villains Jonathan and Andrew (Danny
Strong, Tom Lenk) return from Mexico.

from TV Guide online

Buffy Star Dead Again
Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Another setback for poor, lovelorn Willow (Alyson Hannigan) on Buffy
the Vampire Slayer. The recovering witchoholic's deceased love Tara
(Amber Benson) will not be resurrected this season after all.
According to series creator Joss Whedon, Benson who was slated to
be brought back to life as a different character failed to reach a
deal with producer 20th Century Fox.

"It was a question of negotiations, as it sometimes is," he tells TV
Guide Online. "It's sad, because I love Amber. But that's between her
and Fox." Adds Benson's rep: "She's very proud of her work on the
show, but ultimately, we couldn't work out the right deal."

Well, Benson's comeback, like her alter ego, was shot down, but that
doesn't mean Willow won't fall under the spell of another
enchantress. Whedon reveals that the sapphic Scooby "is going to meet
someone" new. "I can't say whether or not it's going to work out, but
she's definitely not joining a nunnery." Another definite: The
onetime hetero won't be going back to boys. "This I will tell you
without any equivocation," he says, "Willow's gay."

Well, there was that whole Oz (Seth Green) phase... "It takes a while
for some people to realize it," reasons Whedon. "Truthfully, when we
first started the [Willow-Tara love story], we were like, 'Is
[Willow] bi? Is she gay? What do we want to say? What do we want to

"We decided it would be unfair of us, particularly considering the
circumstances of Tara's controversial death, to say, 'Oh, now
Willow's over it.' Or, 'Willow's bi so we can have more storylines,'"
he continues. "So, we do have somebody in mind that Willow will meet
in the future who might shake up her world just a little bit and
it'll be a girl."


Episode 7-8, Sleeper. This is the episode with Aimee Mann performing
at the Bronze. Again, conflicting reports make it near impossible to
confirm any of these spoilers but Spike may be feeding on
humansalthough with this big bad that can morph into just about anyone,
who knows if its really Spike that is seen. What is known is that there
is a serial killer in Sunnydale. This episode may reveal the seasons big
bad and all rumors point to it being the First Evil. Jonathan and Andrew
appear in this episode as well.



Fearful that Spike may be killing again, the gang's investigation
into his mysterious behavior climaxes in a formidable confrontation
between him and Buffy.


Episode 8

- The "shapeshifter" is really The First. Supposedly a big bad of the
season. (Although not necessarily *the* big bad of the season.) Yet
again, it takes on Buffy's form in this episode while at a mall with
Spike. Meanwhile, the real Buffy's searching for Spike and the two
versions of Buffy yet again confuse him.

UPDATED! - Spike feeds from and turns several people. But, not on his
own. He is being manipulated by The First and forced to kill since
the First can't actually do it (the First can't take solid form). The
fresh young vampires Spike created group together and attack Buffy.
He then breaks down and begs the real Buffy to help him and she
*tries*. (All of this info is very difficult to be sure about since
there is a real Spike and a "First" version of Spike in the episode
much as there are "First" versions of other characters. Still,
judging from the plot, it's *somewhat* clear that although the real
Spike is the physical body that does the killings, the real Spike
isn't doing it of his own control and doesn't want to be hurting


This is it for the information I have to offer. If it wasn't said
above...there's nothing more to say.

**** You should recognize who this *really* is. But, let's keep that
a secret. If you know who I am, don't say. If you don't, don't ask.
Just enjoy the spoilers. I'm giving you everything I hear and all I
ask in return is credit to "The Oracle" and that you don't reveal my
*true* identity anywhere public. If you do, the spoilers stop and
I'll be sure to mention who led to their stopping. ****

Episode 10 - Bring On The Night

Three Slayers-In-Training arrive in Sunnydale, turning to Buffy for
help. Apparently, the Council of Watchers has suffered a serious
attack and may even have been destroyed. (the source says that
there is at least one dead Watcher). The three girls move into the
Summer's home, which recently was attacked by someone or
something (the source thinks it's 'The First' or their minions).

Giles is back at this point, though it's unclear if he brought the
girls or if they came on their own. Very little info on them, except
for the fact that one of them may be gay (Can't rule out a possible
love-interest for Willow, but it's just to early to tell). As for Spike,
there is very little info (which I've mentioned before).

From Buffyfan04: Are Connor and Cordy gonna have a romantic relationship?
Don't bet on it. But they do remain close--emotionally and physically (I'm talking location here, gutternoggins.) As of episode nine, C.&C. (not to be confused with C+C Music Factory and the

things that make you go hmmm) are still living together, and Angel is a wreck about it. Lorne takes him asidefor a little demon-to-demon talk, saying, "I know you love Cordy--heck, we all do--but there are other fish in the sea." Hmmm, indeed.

From spoiledforlife: So, does Electro Girl (Gwen) return on Angel, and if so, what does her future look like?
She's not going anywhere. She's back in episode nine, working with Angel to try to capture "the Beast," which wants to put an end to sunlight. Caution: sparkage ahead.

Hope that is enough space. I read on a site (I'm not
gonna disclose the name) that Spike will be inhabited
for some part of the season by....take a guess....

The First.

Accompanied by Harbringers.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Never Leave Me

60 min.

Spike is held captive in the Summers home while the Scoobies ponder their options in the aftermath of his murder spree; a squeamish Andrew (Tom Lenk) tries to master killing; Buffy contacts the Watchers' Council for advice. Quentin: Harris Yulin. Butcher: Donald Bishop. Phillip: Oliver Muirhead.

Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, James Marsters, Amber Benson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Caulfield, D.B. Woodside, Tom Lenk, Harris Yulin, Donald Bishop, Oliver Muirhead, Anthony Stewart Head

Description for Never Leave Me, BtVS 7.09


The Tuesday, Nov. 26 episode of UPN's Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be "Never Leave Me."

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"While the gang tries getting to the bottom of Spike's recent bad behavior, they intercept and interrogate an up-to-no-good Andrew, which leads to an intense showdown between the gang and The First along with the international entity responsible for the slayer killings all over the world.

"After giving Spike a brutal third degree about his recent malevolent deeds, Buffy and the gang then kidnap and grill Andrew in a desperate effort to learn more about the growing evil forces that surround them all."

Actor Harris Yulin returns as Quentin Travers of the Watcher's Council.

David Solomon directed the episode from a script by Drew Goddard.



"While the gang tries getting to the bottom of Spike's recent bad
behavior, they intercept and interrogate an up-to-no-good Andrew,
which leads to an intense showdown between the gang and The First
along with the international entity responsible for the slayer
killings all over the world.

"After giving Spike a brutal third degree about his recent malevolent
deeds, Buffy and the gang then kidnap and grill Andrew in a desperate
effort to learn more about the growing evil forces that surround them

Actor Harris Yulin returns as Quentin Travers of the Watcher's

David Solomon directed the episode from a script by Drew Goddard.

Jonathan and Andrew - you know, the "other guy" - came back, and just as Jonathan completes his face turn, Andrew guts him. With a little help from Warren. On top of a seal bearing a demonic visage eerily reminiscent of Cordelias vision at the end of Sundays Angel. Add in the fact that the seal seems to be directly beneath the Principals office, and, therefore, directly above the gateway to the Hellmouth...well, we have problems.

2) The Future of Buffy ANimated?
Cartoon network is looking into purchasing the rights of the 13 produced episodes to air in a marathone the saterday after the finale and release on DVD later.
3) What about RIpper?
Ripper may be hitting our small screens before September 2003 after all. With news that the Buffy animated series has been "dumped" production on Ripper will be going ahead much sooner than originally expected. Keep in mind that if the animated series is officially dead and stays that way, we can expect Ripper sometime in the Spring. although January looks slightly doubtful, you never know.. right?

5) Angel's 5th Season not as garanteed as we thought?
San Bernardino County Sun has an article saying that Season 5 of Angel on the WB isn't guaranteed, with a detailed analysis of the network. Here's some excerpts:

...the WB has already emerged as the clear winner of the 2002-03 season. And for its efforts, this could be the season the network begins to see a profit.

As a bonus, 'Charmed' has taken off on Sundays -- that's the first time they've got leverage on Sunday.'

Despite success, Levin's [WB's entertainment division president] already pondering the network's 2003-04 schedule, seeking potential holes. The aging "Dawson's Creek' won't likely be back, he says; "Angel' and "Birds of Prey' are perched on the fence.

General Spoilage (Could range from Episode 10-13)

Giles talks with Buffy over what could be around Sunnydale.

Willow thinks over why 'Cassie' wanted her to kill herself.

First Evil - Jonathan is seen in an episode.

Spoilage for whole Season

The Slayers-In-Training get to fight something, not sure what or when.

The First IS not the Big Bad, but just a second player in the Big Bad's scheme.

Anthony Stewart Head, who plays Giles on UPN's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told SCI FI Wire that he believes the show will end at the end of the current seventh season. "It's not winding down. It's coming to an end," Head said in a telephone interview. "It's gone its full [course]. ... [Creator Joss Whedon has] brought it really neatly back into a full cycle. It's come back to the high school. And in terms of telling Buffy's story, in terms of saying how she has learned to deal with her gifts, if you like, and how it's affected her life and also the lives of all around her, it's ... reached the end of the story. ... It's not a surprise to anybody who's working on the show that it feels absolutely right."

Speculation has been running high that the popular series will end this year, especially since it's thought that star Sarah Michelle Gellar might not come back after her contract ends at the end of the current season. Publicly, Whedon and UPN have said that a decision about an eighth season remains up in the air, with or without Gellar. For her part, Gellar has said it's too early to say whether she'll be back.

But as far as Head is concerned, the creators of the show are ready to wind things up, and he doesn't think the show could continue without Gellar. "We've all talked about it," he said. "Who knows? In the world of TV land and network studios, nothing that the creative team ... wants always necessarily happens. ... Somebody may slap a wad of cash on the table and say, 'It must not end.' But at the same time, you know, as far as the creative team is concerned, this was the way it's always been perceived. ... It's good to get out on a high. It's not something you want to drag on. Now, at the same time, there are many plans afoot for how [a] franchise can be developed and be extended. So ... it may be the end of Buffy's story, for the moment. Now who knows? Somewhere down the line, we may pick up Buffy's story in another space or another form. I don't know. I would love ... that [Whedon] gets to make the movie that he always wants to make. That depends on a number of factors. I don't know."

Head is back in Los Angeles to shoot several episodes in which his character returns to Sunnydale. It's unclear how many more episodes Head will do, though he's believed to have committed to at least 10 this season. "We're in debate at the moment ... because I've got to go back ... to England," he said. "And we're just ... looking at whether they need me to come back before Christmas or not. ... People keep asking me how long I'm here for, and I keep saying, 'I haven't the vaguest idea.' And it's true. ... Sometimes it's useful for me to withdraw and not be here to help out. And sometimes it's useful for me to help out. I do know that my first big scene back, I had all the exposition. Give the English guy the big words." Buffy airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Clare Kramer hinted to Cinema Confidential that we may
see Glory (shapeshifter version no doubt) and Faith in a fight this

Buffy 7.8 FAQ
What's it called?

Who's responsible?
Teleplay is credited to David Fury ("Grave") and Jane Espenson
("Conversations With Dead People").

What does TV Guide say?
"As Dawn and Willow recover from their chaotic night at the Summers
house, Buffy probes a series of grisly murders that may be the work
of Spike. Aimee Mann appears and performs `Pavlov's Bell.' Charlotte:
Robinne Lee."

Willow had a chaotic night at the Summers home?
It's still dark when Willow comes home to find Dawn trashed the
place, but there's no additional mayhem there that night.

May be the work of Spike?
Spike eventually realizes he's been having memory blackouts, but he
does remember chatting up the blonde who was fed upon last episode.
On the other hand, the brainchip seems to kicks in just fine when
Spike punches Xander.

So is Spike being controlled? Or was that Morphy in Spikeface dining
on the young woman?
As this week's installment ends, nothing is certain. Stupid
shapeshifters, confusing everything

The big news?
The hooded figures are back, and they're still making short of work
of slayers-in-training. A caucausian teen in London seems to be the
latest victim. A watcher named Robson discovers her.

The other big news?
Spike, always fairly lucid when he's over Xander's, confirms he still
carries a torch for Buffy, even though he now socializes with
others. "Yeah, I go and pass the time... with someone. But that's all
it is is time. 'Cause, god help me, Buffy, it's still all about you."

What else is TV Guide not telling us?
Giles turns up in the last scene of the episode. (Which is not the
biggest of spoilers since Anthony Stewart Head's name is in the
episode's opening credits.)

Is Giles back in Sunnydale?
No, he's still in England, where he discovers the work of the hooded

What is the murderous Nerd of Doom Andrew up to?
Andrew sits this episode out.

What's doing with Xander and Anya? I miss them!
Xander recruits Anya to keep an eye on an unsuspecting Spike while
Xander attends a client meeting. She sneaks into the the sleeping
Spike's room to look for clues.

Is there kissing? Meaningful glances?
Not so much.

What's up with Dawn?
Willow explains to Dawn that Joyce may have actually been Morphy.
Dawn neglects to reveal to everyone what "Joyce" said about Buffy.

What's good?
Aimee Mann's comment as she exits the Bronze's stage. That episode-
concluding final shot of Rupert Giles.

What's not so good?
The comedy is on a pretty low boil. The plot doesn't yield a lot of
big surprises.

How does it end, spoiler-boy?
It's decided that the Scoobs are going to have to keep a closer eye
on Spike, who sits distraught nearby in a corner. "This thing has
been closer to Spike than any of us," says Buffy. "And if you wanna
understand it... I'm gonna have to get close to Spike." Back in
England, we get a glimpse of a hooded figure's pale face. The
episode's last dialogue is: "It's all right. I understand. I'll take
care "

Juliet confirmed that she was filming Buffy last night (Friday) until 5:30 in the morning. And she's going to be doing Buffy again this season.
She's most likely *not* doing "Angel" this season.



From angelbaby277: "Wow!" is the best way to describe Angel last night. How about Cordy and Connor doing the wild thing? Any chance we will see a baby in the future?
Hah! Funny you should ask...Those of you who've been to this weekend have seen the announcement: Charisma is pregnant. I called her peeps to confirm, and it's all true. The baby is due in March, and it's the first for her and hubby Damian Hardy. The plan is for her to continue to do a full season, although, with the season normally wrapping in April, don't be surprised if Cordy gets another otherworldly transport for a few weeks. A "grrr, argh" pal tells me the tentative plan is to work the bump into the storyline.

From edmilcort:
Anything else on Angel?
More good news. Season one DVDs are due out February 11.

Spoilers for 'Bring On The Night' and 'ShowTime'


- More Slayers-In-Training will be arriving in Sunnydale, beyond the initial
three. In fact, at least one of the first three might not make it past Episode 10.
Apparently there is a run in with an extremely powerful vampire, who kills one
of the SIT's (and no, it's not Spike).

- The SIT's don't seem to be up on Slayer mythology. Apparently, for one
reason or another, they believe that Buffy is the current Slayer.

- With the absence of Spike, the Scoob's are keeping a close eye on Andrew.
(I'm presuming because of his connection with the Big Bad).

- Not everyone in 'Showtime' is what or whom they appear to be.

I confirmed with the WB that
the next new episode of "Angel" won't be until January.

LOS ANGELES ( - A different kind of hero is moving to Wednesday nights on The WB.

Starting in January, "Angel" will move from Sunday nights to 9 p.m. ET Wednesdays, replacing the cancelled "Birds of Prey." The reality show "High School Reunion," from "Bachelor" producer Mike Fleiss, will take 9 p.m. Sunday spot for January and February.

The big bad is the first vampire. THE FIRST VAMPIRE! Think about this people. Think about the legend. The first is the source of all power. It is the bloodlink. Most, though admittedly not all, vampire mythologies hold at its center that if the first vampire the original sire were to die, it would end it all right then and there.


From marzipanpieplate: I had the good fortune to meet Angel's Mark Lutz and Andy Hallett this weekend. Mark alluded that he might be making a return this season to Angel--can you confirm or deny? Inquiring minds want to know.
I have heard rumblings, yes. Supposedly, they're in talks to get him on for an ep or two.

From jcd1980: Be a pal and give us Buffy scoop. Something juicy this time.
Big happenings up ahead with the international slayer I told you about last week. This new femme fatale is going to play into the "from beneath you" storyline and--from the looks of it--could possibly spin off into her own international-angled show. They are still casting the part (after the original British actress had to turn it down, because she didn't have a work permit).

From turnofthecentury: Mrs. Pathetic Couch-Potato Recluse, please tell us that Giles isn't dead. Everyone seems to be dying in Buffy all of a sudden. Before you know it, Buffy is going to be the new Survivor series.
He is not dead. Giles returns in the following two eps. Love, Mz. P.C.-P.R.

From sandor1: Is Amber Benson (Tara) returning to Buffy at all this season?
No. At least there aren't any plans as of now.

From rhymecat: Is Principal Woods a Watcher?
I spoke to D.B. Woodside last week, and something is definitely in the works between Woodsy and Buffy. He was extremely tight-lipped, but I'll give you the lowdown on what he said in this week's column. Sounds like things are heating up, big-time.

Episode 12: Potential

Spike is no longer 'Missing In Action', as he and Buffy visit a local demon bar with what I presume to be the four remaining SIT's (Kennedy, Molly, Rona and Vi).

There's a brief verbal exchange in the bar between Spike and the aforementioned demon, where Spike warns him off.

The big news doesn't involve Spike, but rather Dawn. It would seem that Dawn has just discovered that she is a Slayer Candidate, and is having a hard time dealing with the news.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Bring On the Night

As the Scoobies research the orgins of the First to find a way to rescue Spike, Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) arrives with reinforcements---three apprentice Slayers. Also: Buffy is rattled when her mother (Kristine Sutherland) offers advice in her dreams. Kennedy: Iyari Limon. Annabelle: Courtnee Draper. Molly: Clara Bryant. Ubervamp: Camden Toy. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Principal Wood: D.B. Woodside.

Remember, don't read if you don't want to know.Also on Dec. 17, Giles (last seen with an ax coming toward his head) will arrive in Sunnydale with three slayers-in-training. The Scoobies will be busy trying to fight an Ubervamp, while Spike will be tormented by the First.

From sublimegirls: Anything on Angel?
Faith is back! In episode 13, Eliza Dushku reprises her kick-glut role. We first see her blinking against the daylight, being let out into the prison yard. Also...SPOILER looks like one of the main characters dies as of episode 13, possibly at the hands of Angelus.

From angstyme: Any word on the international slayer you mentioned being introduced on Buffy?
They're reproducing like Gremlins, apparently. Just heard from a studio insider who tells me Giles is bringing back a whole gaggle of "slayers-in-training" from England to keep them safe from the Bringers (the guys with no eyes). Two of them are "international slayers" with British accents. These Slayerettes are young women who have not yet been called but are being trained in the event that Buffy (or, ahem, the show) should meet an untimely demise. In the next episode, Giles shows up with three Slayerettes (like the ones we saw dying at the beginning of the season.)

From designhustler: Anything more on Buffy?
I hear that one of the Slayerettes is going to be a love interest for Willow. They are drawn to each other almost immediately.


Ep. 11 Location Shoot Report Spoilers
Thread started on: Today at 03:55am
Originally posted tonight to
Usenet by
a location shoot report for ep 11:
Post title: Taping at 1630 Cota/Ravello last night!

Hi, All,
I was roped into a taping of the James Van Praagh show with a friend, and she lives one street over from Buffy's house. Last night it had the wooden mailbox with Summers on it, and they were doing some last minute scenes for Episode 11 (Sound guy said they are on 7.12 at the mo, but these scenes needed to be reshot.) We left at 9:30am, and the trucks, Star Wagons, Kraft table were being set up. When we got back at about 7pm, they were shooting in the back yard... so couldn't see much.. but a nieghbor teen said they all got letters saying to "watch out for vampires!" haha We went to Deb's, got her cats fed, then walked over to the shoot, and Allison Hannigan is beautiful in person. She was walking with the actor who plays Andrew, back to the Star Wagons (dressing room trailers)
They moved the equipment to the front yard...There were 5 demons in robes, coming out of the shadows and trees, facing Buffy's house, then a vamp who looked like an arthritic Master came up the walk growling.... they did it many times, from different angles.
Folks who had been sitting on the curb when we got there said Nicholas Brendon and his bro had been there earlier, and it only went on until about 9:30... oh, and Michelle Trachtenberg (Sp?) was there, she is cute, too. I was hoping James would be there, but no, the neighbors said he wasn't, neither was SMG or ASH.... Oh, and her front window was boarded up, so there must have been mayhemat the homestead! IT was so fun, I have seen tapings and shows shot before, but it's more of a kick when it's such a hot one and one of my faves....
Thanks for letting me share!
Candee in CA

"Rudy" directs Angels "Souless"

Sean Astin, of Rudy and LOTR fame, directed episode 4-11 of Angel. Titled "Souless" (so far this episode appears to be the one airing after Angels transformation into Angelus in "Awkening") Astin claims "On some level I felt like I had arrived. It was fascinating and challenging, and I look forward to doing more of that if I can."Careful not to spill any tidbits, Astin would only give these details, "I'm nervous about what I should say about it. It's got a very loyal coterie and following that's on the Internet, and they want to know what happens next. But it's a great episode. It's an episode in which Angelus factors prominently. I think it will air during the February sweeps."Wonder if the crew ran around the set shouting, "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" in unison. Or maybe its just my penchant for juvenile humor that finds that funny

Show Spoilers

Boy oboy do I have juicy Angel spoilers! Only problem, some of the episodes have not yet been shot so all this spoilery-sugarplumery-goodness is subject to change. Two sources are claiming that Lilah dies, possibly at the hands of Angelus. It looks as though she dies in episode 4-13, which happens to be the same episode in which Faith makes her return. Her return may also tie in with the Buffy going-ons as someone attempts to off her in the prison yard with a knife/dagger that resembles the ones used by the Bringers who are killing potential slayers.

Spoilers for episode 4-8, "Habeas Corpses"
Cordy and Connor learn that Angel saw them, ahem, in that compromising, (and to most viewers) retina-burning position. Cordy attempts to make Angel believe it was only a one time thing.
The crew also learns that the Beast is in the City of Angels for a reason.

Episode 4-9: "Casting Sides"
Gwen returns, but we already knew that she would. Cordy knows all about her and Angels heart-starting moment because she could see all when she was on the higher plane. She and the crew try to protect the last "totem" (a guy named Manny) but the Beast kills him.
The crew assumes the Beast has some ties to Connor but it is revealed via Cordelias visions that he and Angelus have a long-standing pact that dates way back. (That is why they come up with the plan to resurrect Angelus.)
The Beast does manage to turn out the sun but it seems its only Los Angeles that is affected though the threat could spread worldwide if something isnt done to stop it. Look for spoilers for episode 4-10 next week!

Buffy the Vampire SlayerIn episode 7-10: "Bring on the Night" the rumors of Giles not touching anything or being touched is confirmed. Whether that means he is alive, dead, Memorex, or Morphy - I do not know. Apparently there is more than one Ubervamp and "vampires fear these ubervampires" and Giles did manage to gather all the info the Council had on the First before headquarters went cablooey.

Other stuff:Drew Goddard cleared a few items up in a recent interview. The song that triggers Spikes wacky ways was picked by random and the Watchers Council and all members were thoroughly destroyed in the blast and some yummy stuff involving Xander is coming soon.

D.B. Woodside (Principle Wood) claims that things will be "heating up" between him and Buffy but NOT necessarily in a romantic way. Me thinks he means his original 10-episode contract has been expanded and his story may intertwine with Buffys in more detail. Rumors abound that hes a watcher but I have found nothing to substantiate that.

One of the Slayers In Training brought to Sunnydale is peeved at Buffy for not killing Faith when she had the chance because then the torch would have passed to her or something. My guess is its Kennedy, as she seems to be the older SIT.

Dawn finds out shes a potential slayer candidate because of a spell cast by Willow.

Angelus returns by some type of shaman. that's great
for people who love AUS, like myself. But--the way
they supposedly do it is absolutely disgusting and
kinda offensive to those who love the episode

Welcome to Cheesy KNock=off land. Supposedly, Angel
and Cordelia make love and he has the MOMENT. He wakes
up and does the whole convulsing thing, a la Surprise,
the sacred B/A episode. Then they cut to commercial.

The catch?

It's not real. Supposedly, it's just the dream that
induces Angelus to return.

* Wolfram and Hart will be "neutralized" by the Beast, who will kill the
conduit between the regular W&H gang and the senior partners.

* Cordy finds out that Angel saw her boning Connor. What Angel doesn't know
is it was a one-time deal.

* Someone tells the gang that the Beast is linked to Team Angel.

* Lightning lass Gwen Raiden seeks Angel's help after the Beast kills one of
her clients right in front of her.

* The Beast keeps popping up around Connor, so everyone suspects a

* Cordy tells Connor Angel saw them boning.

* Cordy starts having visions of the Beast, on a battlefield. They get more
and more detailed as the ep goes on. Finally, she realizes what is happening
- she's reliving one of ANGELUS' memories that she got from the time she was
a Higher Being. Yep, Angelus met with the Beast back in the 1700s and they
forged a pact.

* Team Angel realizes that in order to figure out how to stop the Beast,
they have to talk to Angelus and get info.

* Wes and Fred are working well together, and Gunn is jealous.

* Angel is all bad-moody around Cordy, and Cordy is trying to get him to
talk to her about how mad he is.

* Cordy's also jealous of Gwen because she saw (with Higher-Plane-O-Vision)
"supertramp" restarting Angel's heart.

* It's learned from Gwen that the Beast is collecting five totems located
inside five people. When he collects all five, the sun goes away for good.

* Team Angel befriends someone with a totem inside, a nebbishy fellow named

* Manny is secreted to Gwen's well-hidden and swanky apartment. Angel/Cordy
and Gwen/Gunn pair up to take turns standing watch over Manny. When Angel
and Cordy are drugged into unconsciousness, Manny meets a grisly fate.

* The sun goes away for good.

* Turns out the sun is only blotted out in Los Angeles. It even makes the
news! There's also a risk that the sun-block could soon spread everywhere.

* Team Angel is depressed. Gwen took off when the going got rough, and Wes
is missing.

* Wes has actually gone to Wo-Pang, the shaman, because he hears he extracts

* Krevlornswath tries to read Angel to get Angelus' memories of the Beast,
but no go.

* Connor is all broody because everyone thought it was he who was tied to
the Beast, when it actually turns out to be Angelus.

* Wes brings Wo-Pang. Angel says no way will he let them resurrect Angelus.
But after he and Cordy talk (Cordy is against bringing back Angelus) he
decides to do it. Wacky!

* They get a cage for Angelus. Angel lets them know that Angelus is bad,
he's their enemy. He tells Connor he's going to have to kill Angelus if
something goes wrong. Connor says yes a little too eagerly. ;)

* Wo-Pang does the ritual and at the end goes to cut off Angel's head
because Wo turns out to be a follower of the Beast. Angel fights him.
Wo-Pang kills himself.

* Wes apologizes for accidentally consorting with a Beast minion. He and
Angel have a moment of reconciliation.

* They realize that Wo-Pang has stuff written all over him. They figure out
from reading the stuff written on him that they need a special sword to kill
the Beast.

* Cordy has a vision of the sword's location.

* Cordy, Angel, Connor and Wes go looking for the sword. There is much
traversing of danger-filled underground tunnels. They split up, Angel with
Cordy, Connor with Wes (much to Connor's dismay). A/C find the sword. But
there's trouble (fireballs and such) and Angel has to save Cordy, which he
does, and they kiss passionately.

* Connor sees them kissing. Whines. Runs away. Angel runs after him. They
have a confrontation. "My life sucks because of you, Dad." Cordy intercedes
and says she was never Connor's. Connor runs off.

* The other three go back to the hotel. They have the sword. Angel has to go
fight the Beast. He gives them a rah-rah speech first. And then the Beast
shows up there at the hotel.

* Angel fights the Beast. The Beast almost gets the best of him, but Connor
shows up and helps. The father and son beat the Beast together.

* Light returns to Los Angeles. Angel is glad Connor came back. Connor says
"Couldn't let you save the world all by yourself." He and Angel make up.

* Later, Angel and Cordy reunite and make passionate love. It's a perfect
moment. Angel and Cordy have the Big O, and all of a sudden Angel sits up
and does the post-orgasmic convulsion and spasms. He's losing his soul .

* And we flash back to the end of Act 1. Angel is on the table, Wo-pang
finishes his ritual, and Angel wakes up as Angelus. Looks like everything
after Wo Pang's first-act spell didn't really happen; it was all as part of
Wopang's spell to desoul Angel!

* That's right. There really was no reconciliation with Wes. No
reconciliation with Connor. No defeat of the Beast. No return of daylight to
L.A. No Angel-Cordy bone.

"Angel" 4.8 won't air till next year, yet details about 4.13 have already
* Angelus will search for The Beast, but he'll also snack on bystanders
along the way.
* Charles Gunn and Krevlornswath of the Deathwok clan will agree that Connor
is out to kill Angelus.
* Evil Wolfram & Hart attorney Lilah Morgan will be really quite completely
dead by 4.13 (a victim of Angelus perhaps?). When Wesley visits her corpse
in the basement of the Hyperion, we'll see that he's taking her demise
pretty hard.
* Faith, still in stir, will be reintroduced early in 4.13. A fellow inmate
will try to impale the slayer with a dagger that will "seem familiar to
viewers of a certain other Mutant Enemy show," according the ths script.
(Faith joins "Angel" for three episodes this season, reportedly to help take
down an escaped Angelus. She's then slated to turn up on five episodes of
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" this season, starting with 7.18). Speaking of
which .
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
* Word is that explosion at the Watcher's HQ in London left no survivors.
With Quentin Travers and so much of the watchers council wiped out (and
assuming Giles isn't really dead) will Buffy's former mentor be sought to
rejoin the council as new head watcher?
* Dawn will soon discover that she too is a slayer candidate. (Was Giles
unaware of this during all those years he served as Buffy's watcher?)
* Willow is expected to update us on Miss Kitty Fantastico sometime in the
next episode or two.
* Xander and Anya will not permanently reconcile.
* It now seems a virtual certainty that Faith will not survive the "Buffy"
series finale.

*- Willow is lured out by the s-i-t training and ends up in a bar with funny drinks, talking about how she knew she was gay and her relationship with Tara.

- Buffy is so concerned about Spike she calls Riley Finn to get info on the Initiative's chips. Very funny scene but someone please tell me Riley is not returning, or that if he is the UberVamp will kill him?

- Spike's chip is seriously malfunctioning and he is now chained to a bed in Buffy's basement. She seems to be being very nice to him.

- Buffy is so concerned about Spike she calls Riley Finn to get info on the Initiative's chips. Very funny scene but someone please tell me Riley is not returning, or that if he is the UberVamp will kill him?

- Amy the Rat returns to help out;

- Spike and Buffy go back to the source of the chip -- the initiative's headquarters -- with surprising results;
and finally --

- Buffy will finally have to make a choice about how much she trusts Spike.


Episode 14 ~ Pipe Dream ~ airs 2/4/03 (I've also heard this one is called 'First Date'. They change names a lot. Both might have been right in their own time. I think it's called 'First Date', now, but I'm not sure.)

Episode 15 ~ In The Land Of The Blind ~ airs 2/11/03
Episode 16 ~ Don't Tread On Me ~ airs 2/18/03
Episode 17 ~ Parthenogenesis ~ airs 2/25/03
Episode 18 ~ Point And Counter Point ~ airs 3/4/03
Eliza Dushku (Faith) guest stars
Episode 19 ~ Glory ~ airs 3/11/03
Eliza Dushku (Faith) guest stars
this one's pretty certain to have Glory
Episode 20 ~ Duel Of The Fates ~ airs 3/18/02
Eliza Dushku (Faith) guest stars
Episode 21 ~ Watch This ~ airs 3/25/02
Eliza Dushku (Faith) guest stars
Episode 22 ~ Shut Your Mouth ~ airs 4/1/03
Eliza Dushku (Faith) guest stars w/Glory

Tidbit on BTVS Episode #14:

Buffy tells Spike he can't leave because she is isn't ready for him to not be
there. I think that confuses him too -- he does bring up Wood and basically says
that she doesn't need him now that there is someone else around to help; she
says that Wood is there to help and she can't turn away from that. It's a very
short scene and it is clear that Spike doesn't know how to read what she says

It sounds like the very beginning of episode 14 -- Giles is in a graveyard
telling the SITs the story of how he escaped the evil Bringer attack and Spike
tackles him. Spike claims he heard from Anya that Giles was the First so he was
trying to protect the girls and Buffy and that is when Giles finds out that
Spike's chip has been removed.