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**Note that this page is under construction I am personally taking out from my much busy reality to gather the rest of the info for this page along with many others. So I promise to get the rest of the other Eppie Reviews just remember there are 122 eppies for me to go through it might take awhile. For now check out the ones all ready on here and check back for updates.


Ok well as you will see not all of the eppies are up and neither are the reviews that is because the person who writes my reviews has stopped due to personal reasons *he has better things to do* so as I am preparing the eppie list I would love to know if anyone would want to write an eppie review. If you would like to feel free to email me. And yes I will also get up the Angel reviews but remember I only have two hands or maybe........
I want to thank Brittany SOOO much for doing the season 4 reviews you really took a load off my shoulders Brit!! Thanks!

The shows are rated by either 1-5 crosses. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. I rate the eppies and then either my friend Buzzy or Brandy will rate the them too.

Season 1

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

#1 & #2 Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest Rating: Mine: 3 crosses Buzzy's: 4 crosses
Buzzy's: For the Season Premiere this was a splendid eppy. After coming from L.A. to Sunnydale Buffy's slaying certainly did follow. Even though at first she didn't want to except the fact that she had to continue her slaying, she came to except it and kicked some vampire booty to keep the Master from entering the outside world and destroying everything in his path. But in the Harvest Buffy received a challenge but this wasn't the first and certainly won't be the last test of her of skills. The Harvest was coming, which meant the Master had a chance to enter the outside world. And of course he was defeated by Buffy clevering using a cymbol and a window. You will just have to see.

#3 The Witch Rating: Mine: 2 crosses Buzzy's: 2.5 crosses

Mine: The Witch was definately an interesting eppy. All though not one of teh best it was a good strt for a non-vampire eppy. It's got combustable, hyper and blind car-crashing cheerleaders (I'm guessing that once cheerleader is mentioned the guys will want to watch it). It involves many things about magic and a surprise ending I would watch it if you had extra time.

#4 Teacher's Pet: Rating Mine: 2 1/2 crosses B's: 3.5 crosses
Buzzy's: When becoming a teacher's pet beware teh teacher may not be showing their true side. Scary huh? From a hot seductive teaher (*Me* You're joking right*) to an insect trying to make with Xander this eppy was way out there!! I would say say to stick to vampire eppies though.

#5 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date: Rating: Mine: 1 1/2 crosses B's: 2 crosses
Mine: *Why is it that I always get most of the lower rated eppie* Ok well this eppie was basicly Buffy trying and failing at a normal life. i mean sure Owen was hot but the whole concept was a little bit boring. Although I learned that if you ever need a good place to go for a date a funeral home is always a challange worth looking at.

#6 The Pack Rating: Mine: 3 1/2 crosses B's: 2.5 crosses
Buzzy's: Everyone says you shoudl follow "The Pack", maybe in this case you shouldn't. When Xander and his buddies were turned into hyenas what a yummy eppy you have. I feel that the pig eating (*yeah that's raw guys!!!*) could have been altered but as for as for another non-vampire eppy it really jumped my bones (not literally of course).

#7 Angel Rating: Mine: 5 crosses B's: 5 crosses
Mine: Yeah I finally got a high scoring eppie! trust me this is a good eppie. It has for the guy's: guns, fighting and girls in catholic school girl outfits. And for the girl's I think Buffy put it the best, "Just take your coat and shirt off." Of course she was just bandaging Angel up but still shirtless is good in any way. Well Buffy and Angel get attacked by The Three, vamps sent by the Master, Buffy learns a secret Angel has kept to himself til now, and an old lover of Angel's takes revenge. It is an...interesting eppie.

#8 I Robot you...Jane Rating: Mine: 2 1/2 crosses B's: 1 cross
B's: This was one of the few rare bad eppies. It had a pretty good theme a robot inside a computer controling people who would have guessed? Next time you talk to someone over the internet becareful. But teh presentaton was just awful.

#9 The Puppet Show Rating: Mine: 4 1/2 crosses B's: 5 crosses
Mine: Red Rum ,Red Rum! A well thought out and funny eppie. A demon is running around stealing people's hearts and brains. Could it be the weird kid Morgan or his...dummy? Well if you enjoy humor then you will enjoy Xander trying to convince Buffy dummies aren't real, Gile's approach to "getting rid of" Cordy, the power circle and Buffy, Willow and Xander's "talent".

#10 Nightmares Rating: Mine:4 1/2 crosses B's: 4 crosses
B's: We all have Nightmares but what if they came true? What if your worst fears came true and you had to face them? All you have to remember is that you can overcome them. From Xander's fear of clowns and nakediness and Willow's stage fright to Buffy's fear of her being the reason of her parent's divorce it is a very suspenseful eppy.

#11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight Rating: Mine: 2 crosses B's: 4.5 crosses
Mine: Have you ever thought that if soemone was totally ignored by everyone they would turn invisible? Well hey in Buffy's world it happened! Flying baseball bats, surgery and the truth about Cordy, Look, Learn and Listen and oh my advice never write Have a nice (or great) summer in someone's yearbook, think of something mroe creative.

#12 Prophecy Girl Rating: Mine: 3 crosses B's: 5 crosses
B's: Buffy died and rose again in Prophecy Girl. The prophecy stated that the Master would rise and kill teh Slayer, Buffy. Well when the Master bit Buffy and she fell to the ground all hearts dropped. You'll just have to see how it all works out. What a way to end a season!!!!!


Season 2

#13 When She Was Bad Rating: Mine: 3 crosses Buzzy's: 5 crosses
Mine: Buffy is still reeling form her death at the hand of the master and her summer in L.A. and her new haircut and tons of shoes didn't help her get over it. So when the Anointed One tries to raise the Master once again she gets pissed. Enjoy the "mating" dance and Buffy inventive way of making vamps talk.

#14 Some Assembly Required: Rating: Mine: 2 crosses Buzzy's: 5 crosses
B's: This was a good eppy. While two students were trying to make a dream girl out of body parts for a boy that was killed and brought back to life!! Buffy had to help Cordelia keep her head. Of course Buffy pulls through and of all people XANDER! saves Cordelia.

#15 School Hard: Rating: Mine:4.5 crosses Buzzy's: 5 crosses
Mine: New villians! Exactly what we needed. Spike and Drusilla (vamps on the rampage) have decided to come and join the Hellmouth party. Buffy is having some problems of her own, she has to set up the parent-teacher night (to show Snyder that she is responsible) and keep her mom away from the bad review coming from Snyder. Sad part is she doesn't succeed in either. Snyder eventually talks to her mom and Spike crashes the parent-teacher thing which makes Buffy a "very brassed off Slayer" Ok when you watch this eppie make sure you know what a sire is. Lol.

#16 Inca Mummy Girl: Rating: 1 cross
Ok this was one of those fill in the time eppies. It is about a mummy that comes alive and steals the I guess it would be the "essence" out of people to keep herself alive. Of all the people Xander falls for her *boy what is it with this boy praying mantis and now her!* and she falls for him in return. Note to all guys twinkies are apparently the way to a girl's heart. Hehe.

#17 Reptile Boy: Rating: 3 crosses
Mine: Frat boys and a big snake! Buffy eventually asks Angel out on a "date" to only be refused by him and so a very mad Slayer goes to a frat party. Someone drugs her drink and she later finds herself to be a sacrifice. Meanwhile Xander meets a very unusual fate at the hands of the frat boys. I really liked how Angel,Xander,Giles and Willow are all upstairs fighting off the frat boys while Buffy is downstairs by herself fighing the snake dude! Priceless.

#18 Halloween: Rating: 5 crosses
One of the best episodes I have ever seen. An old "friend" of Giles comes back to haunt him, Ethan. Gile's bad past starts to surface and ethan puts a spell on all of the costumes that he sells to his customers. Buffy finds herself trying to please Angel when she thinks that she is not good enough by buying a 18th century dress as a costume for Halloween. However it is one of the costumes that s cursed and she becomes the noble women. Just hearing Buffy scream and be afraid of the car brings me to tears. Although the slutty ghost Willow is great along with Giles reaction and this was defaintely the eppie when I really started to love Xander *go solider boy!*

#19 Lie to Me: Rating: 4 1/2 crosses
Mine: New Boy Toy! Buffy's old friend, Billy Fordman *Ford* (Jason Behr off Roswell) has decided to pay her a visit and what a good time it is. Buffy has discovered Angel's old obsession, Drusilla and is trying to make him jealous, trust me Ford is jealous worthy. But Ford has a secret he's hiding, he's embracing the dark side (on purpose!) This was a good eppie. The drama and the laughter were both there and a plus with Jason Behr (can you tell I am a Roswell fan too?)

#20 The Dark Age: Rating: 3 crosses
Hmm Giles as a bad boy. Oh well that brings some scary images to mind and how exactly did he get the nickname Ripper may I ask. Well an old demon from Giles and Ethans comes back and causes havoc. Although the part at the end with Angel and the demon was so AWESOME!! Buffy has to deal with slimy demons, ugly demons, vampires that you know just aren't of the sanitary and yet the worse thing is the tatoo that she now has to have removed that thing was just odd looking.

#21and #22 What's My line Part 1: Rating: 4 crosses Whats my Line part 2: Rating: 4 1/2 crosses
*This is a review for WMYL Parts 1 and 2* The Order of Taraka, Kendra and ice skating. One of the writer's best stories. It had everything a new enemy, the Order of Taraka sent by Spike, a new character, Kendra (wait til you see how she fits in) and a beautiful scene (or is it scenes). Lol. Buffy and Angel get a few short moments of happiness and a very unusual couple comes into speculation.

#23 Ted: Rating: 1 1/2 crosses
Mine: Not one of the best eppies in my opinion. The whole robot boyfriend thing didn't appeal to me but it might to others. Even though Ted was very well played the character brought skeletons in your closet to life. In my opinion it is a well thought out idea just not one of my favorites.

#24 Bad Eggs: Rating: 1 cross
Oh god this was such a bad eppie. The only good aprt I think was the making out part in the cemetaries with Buffy and Angel and the conversations held by Buffy and Xander before it. The whole egg project thing with a dmeon inside was just gross along with buffy killing the demon in the end *that was a nice outfit that she ruined too* and the Southern vamps? Oh man they made me hate those accents even more.

#25 Surprise: Rating: 5 crosses
Mine: Oh wow was this ever a BIG eppie! Buffy's bad Bdays start. It's her 17th Bday and things are getting hot and heavy for Buffy and Angel. Plus Buffy seems to be having prophetic dreams again and guess who's back. Yup you guessed it, Spike and Dru and they got a new blue boy on their side. But trust me that isn't the biggest news, the ending is. Hehe aren't I evil cause I am not going to tell you anymore. Well me being a HUGE B/A fan I LOVED this eppie it had drama, fight scenes and a shirtless Angel *again* what more could I ask for.

#26 Innocence: Rating: 4 crosses
Here is a plot twist I bet no one saw coming *Well except people who watch these eppies over and over again like me!* Angelus, Angel's demon inside is now back. After Angel has a moment of true happiness with Buffy the night before Angelus is back. Although the best part is the leather pants!! And who does Aneglus join forces with? Oh yeah he is back with Spike and Dru and they are causing some trouble. The end fight scene with the destruction of the Judge and with Angelus and Buffy *hehe crotch kicking* was awesome!

#27 Phases: Rating: 3 crosses
Mine: It's a full moon in Sunnydale. So what some of you may ask. Well the new werewolf rears its head, along with a werewolf hunter. Buffy must find this werewolf before something happens to it or it hurts someone else. Meanwhile Angelus is having fun with a few of Buffy's friends. Speaking of Buffy's friends, Willow is venturing deeper into her "relationship" with Oz a cute guitar player. I am VERY sure you noticed him in other eppies. The way Buffy is dealing with her problems is well kind of scary to tell the truth and when they showed who the werewolf was I was all like NO WAY!!!!!

#28 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: Rating: 5 crosses
This had to be one of the funniest eppies I have EVER seen. It being a Xander based eppie you knew it was coming. After Cordy dumps Xander on Valentines day no less he decides to get her back. He asks Amy who is now following in her mother's footsteps as a witch to put a spell on Cordy to make her fall in love with him. But something goes oddly wrong  Cordy doesn't fall in love with him but every other women in Sunnydale does. Willow, Buffy, Mrs. Calender even....JOYCE!!!

#29 Passion: Rating: 4 crosses
Mine: *What is it with eppies that start with P. Oh It's my turn oh ok. Sorry random thought. hehe* This eppie if I may say so myself is the creepiest and yet one of the best. Angelus finally rears his ugly head. He tortures Buffy by taunting her with drawings of her sleeping *oh come on wouldn't you be scared if you knew a pyscho killer was in your room while you were sleeping? Yeah I thought so* and leaving "gag gifts in her friend's beds". Even though we lose what I think is one of the better characters this eppie is really character defining. It shows Angel's evil side more and how most of the characters *espically Buffy* have matured over the year. David's voiceover speech on passion was truly riveting.

#30 Killed by Death: Rating: 2 1/2 crosses
Well this was another filler eppie. Buffy ends up getting sick *although it is still a question to me how she can get THAT sick whens he is the Slayer but oh well* and when she is sick she sees a demon that is killing the children in the hospital. Mixed with her fear of hospitals and a death that is close to her heart she takes on the demon.

#31 I Only Have Eyes For You: Rating: 3 crosses
Mine: A sad love story of a student and a teacher falling in love. The student professes his love but the teacher shuns him to make sure he has a better life even though she loves him too. The student goes mad with love and ends up accidently shooting the teacher. Not being able to handle the guilt of killing his lover he them shoots himself. With the Sadie Hawkins dance around the corner people are replaying the scene with the help of the spirits and people are ending up dead. The scooby gang is trying to exorcise the spirits but don't succeed only to have a very strange pair act out the scene for the last tme. I liked the idea of this story alot and most parts I liked. Like the wasps and the quicksand but I'm sorry did they have to use the snakes. Why not bunnies. *G*

#32 Go Fish: Rating: 3 1/2 crosses
*shudder* sorry thinking of one certain part in this eppie if you have seen this eppie you know which one. Well there is something fishy going on with the sunnydale swim team *sorry I had to do it* Something is turning the swim team into fish guys and Xander goes undercover *well more like not alot of cover*  to discover whats going on.

#33 and #34 Becoming Part 1 : Rating: 4 crosses Becoming Part 2: 5 crosses
Drusilla has a vision about a stone demon, Acthala that will suck everyone into hell and of course Angelus steals the demon and tries to make Acthala perform this act. Kendra is notified that something is coming and comes to help however she meets her demise when Drusilla comes for Giles to help Angelus figure out how to perform the ritual that will bring acthala to life. However a bigger event is brewing right as Buffy and Angelus are fighting to stop each other, Willow is using the Gyspy curse that cursed Angel with his soul in the first place to recurse him again. The ending will make you cry I promise but that is what makes this eppie the best!


Season 3

#35 Anne Rating: Mine: 1 cross

#36 Dead Man's Party: Rating: Mine: 1 1/2 crosses

#37 Faith,Hope and Trick: Rating: 5 crosses

#38 All Men are Beasts: Rating: 5 crosses

#39 Homecoming: Rating: 4 crosses

#40 Band Candy: Rating: 4 1/2 crosses

#41 Revelations: Rating: 4 1/2 crosses

#42 Lover's Walk: Rating: 5 crosses

#43 The Wish: Rating: 4 crosses

#44 Amends: Rating: 5 crosses

#45 Gingerbread: Rating: 3 crosses

#46 Helpless: Rating: 2 crosses

#47 The Zeppo: Rating: 3 crosses

#48 Bad Girls: Rating: 1 cross

#49 Consequences: Rating: 1 cross

#50 Doppelgangland: Rating: 3 1/2 crosses

#51 Enemies: Rating: 4 crosses

#52 Earshot: Rating: 5 crosses

#53 Choices: Rating: 3 crosses

#54 The Prom: Rating: 5 crosses Brandy's rating: 4 1/2 crosses

#55 Graduation Day Part 1: Rating: 4 crosses Brandy's rating: 2 1/2 crosses

#56 Graduation Day Part 2: Rating: 4 1/2 crosses Brandy's rating: 4 1/2 crosses


Season 4

#57 The Freshman: Rating: 4 crosses Brit's rating: 3.5 crosses
It was a fairly good seaon opener, at least better than last
year's 'Anne.' The tension between Buffy and Kathy is already quite
enjoyable to watch, very funny. I was kind of disappointed to see Buffy
pretty much getting her ass kicked by a vampire (did anyone else notice that
she was a lot like Harmony, except slightly wittier?), but I guess she can't
be perfect all the time. The episode wasn't perfect, either, but still a
good watch.

#58 Living Conditions: Rating: 3 1/2 crosses Brit's rating: 3 crosses

The 'share-time' thing was great, absolutely loved it!
The whole idea of the Scoobies thinking Buffy went insane seemed sort of
tacky to me, but I know a lot of people who enjoyed it. I must admit, I was
sort of sad to see Kathy leave, she was funny, but I'm glad that Willow is
not Buffy's roommate.

#59 Harsh Light of Day: Rating: 3 crosses Brit's rating: 4 crosses
Mercedes McNab, who plays Harmony, is really quite
talented, and I really enjoy her portrayal or Harmony every time she is on
Buffy. This was a very Spike/Harmony-centric episode, which is always good
to see. I loved the ending, when she decided to send the gem to Angel...yay!
B/A Forever, LoL! Good writing, good plotline, and good acting.

#60 Fear, Itself: Rating: 4 1/2 crosses Brit's rating: 4 1/2 crosses
Once you get over the similarity to Nightmares, this is a
really fun episode. It's one of the two episodes I think is ACTUALLY scary
(the other being Killed By Death). Anya's costume was great, the scene with
Giles in a somebrero cracked me up, and the special effects were great,
especially the window closing up. For a filler episode, this was really
really good.

#61 Beer Bad: Rating: 3 crosses Brit's rating: 2 crosses
After last week's great filler, I suppose my expectations were too
high when I expected this one to be just as good. Sadly, it was not. Sorry
to anyone who actually liked it (although thre weren't many), but this
episode sucked. I'm sure this role must have been hard for Sarah, but I
didn't think her acting was up to par this week. The plot was stupid, and
the whole thing was just plain idiotic. Hope that next week we get an
episode worth watching.

#62 Wild at Heart: Rating: 2 1/2 crosses Brit's Rating: 3.5 crosses
One of the few (actually, many, now that I think about it)
episodes that makes me cry. Oz was one of my favourite characters, and I
found myself asking: Why can't you just work it out? I hope he comes back!
The Spike-getting-zapped scene was interesting, it'll be cool to see what
happens to him. I don't have much else to say about this episode, except
that I MISS OZ!

#63 The Initiative: Rating: 3 1/2 crosses Brit's rating: 5 crosses
Spike was hilarious in the episode! "Always worried what
would happen when that b*tch got some funding." Cool idea with the chip, but
I hope that our favourite British vampires doesn't go all soft on us! This
was a great episode. Although I love Riley-bashing, I think his character
isn't actually all-bad. Props to Doug Petrie, for writing this top-notch
episode, it was delightful (Dammit, I'm running out of positive
adjectives!). Great work, Joss&Co, keep it up!

#64 Pangs: Rating: 4 crosses Brit's rating: 4 crosses
As the biggest B/A shipper out there, I LOVED this episode. It was
great to see Angel back, even if Buffy couldn't see him, *sigh*. This was a
slightly confusing episode for me, I don't know why. Maybe it's me. Anyways,
I loved how everyone thought Angel was evil, and how Angel still loves
Buffy...ah, good times, good times. It was nice to see a Thanksgiving
episode, especially with this kind of twist.

#65 Something Blue: Rating: 5 crosses Brit's rating: 4.5 crosses
I think I could sum this episode up in one word: Fun. A lot
of people said this episode was just fan fiction that made it up on to the
screen, but the fact is, it was still a good episode. Probably on my Top 10
list, in fact. It seemed to take too long to get started, but that was my
only problem with it. The Spike/Buffy interaction was great, Giles' eyesight
problem just added to the already
falling-off-my-chair-laughing-side-splitting comedy. Like I said, it was a
super fun (aah, I have GOT to stop talking like Kathy!) episode. Great

#66 Hush: Rating: 5 crosses Brit's rating: 5 crosses
Wow, two great episodes in a row. I don't think Buffy gets much better
than this! 27 minutes without dialogue, that's pretty impressive, Joss. Too
bad he didn't win the Emmy he was nominated for. Anyways, I don't think I
could say enough good things about this episode! Definitely a new idea, and
definitely a risk taken, but Joss executed it beautifullly. The ending left
a lot of questions open, which is actually a good thing, I know I'll tune in
next week.

#67 Doomed: Rating: 1 1/2 crosses Brit's rating: 3.5 crosses
Am I the only one that misses the high school?! It was great to see
it back, but one thing bugged me-if the entire blew up, how come the floor
was totally littered with old paper? Wouldn't they have just burned up?
Anyways, this was a fairly good episode. Nothing could have beat last week's
'Masterpiece Episode,' but still a good offering. A few funny lines here and
there, some good acting, but nothing special this week.

#68 A New Man: Rating: 4 crosses

#69 The I in Team Mine: 3 1/2 crosses

#70 Goodbye, Iowa Mine: 4 crosses

#71 This Year's Girl Mine: 2 1/2 crosses

#72 Who Are You Mine: 4 crosses

#73: Superstar: Mine:4 1/2 crosses

#74: Where The Wild Things Are: Mine: 2 crosses

#75: Wild at Heart: Mine: 3 1/2 crosses

#76: The Yoko Factor: Mine: 4 crosses

#77: Primeval: Mine: 3 1/2 crosses

#78: Restless: Mine: 4 1/2 crosses


#79 Buffy Vs. Dracula  Mine: 3 1/2 crosses
#80 Real Me Mine: 2 1/2 crosses
#81 The Replacement:  4 crosses
#82 Out Of My Mind: Mine: 2 crosses
#83 No Place Like Home: Mine: 3 crosses
#84 Family: Mine: 3 crosses
#85 Fool For Love:  Mine: 5 crosses
#86 Shadow: Mine: 3 crosses
#87 Listening to Fear: 3 1/2 crosses
#88 Into the Woods:  4 1/2 crosses
#89 Triangle: Mine: 2 1/2 crosses
#90 Checkpoint: Mine: 4 1/2 crosses
#91 Blood Ties: Mine: 3 crosses
#92 Crush: Mine: 4 1/2 crosses
#93 I was Made to Love You: Mine: 1 1/2 crosses
#94 The Body: Mine: 5 crosses
#95 Forever: Mine: 4 crosses
#96 Intervention: 4 1/2 crosses
#97 Tough Love: Mine: 3 crossesz
#98 Spiral: Mine: 3 crosses
#99 The Weight of the World: Mine: 4 crosses
#100 The Gift: Mine: 5 crosses