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On this page I will describe each character in more detail.


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Buffy Anne Summers

Buffy Anne Summers was born Jan. 1981 to Hank and Joyce Summers, making her 21 this January. As a child she went through a phase in which she idolized (or in other words obsessed over) ice-skater Dorothy Hammil. Buffy started high school at Hemery High in L.A. where she was a cheerleader and in 96 was elected Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen. That basicly was the end of her laid back years cause later that same year Buffy was contacted by a man named Merrick, who told her she was the Chosen One, the Vampire Slayer and Merrick was her Watcher. But Merrick was eventually killed and through slaying attempts Buffy managed to burn down her high school gym and got expelled (according to the show). Around that same time Joyce and Hank finalized their divorce and Buffy moved with Joyce to 1630 Revello Drive in Sunnydale which Buffy found out was a one Starbucks town. She enrolled in Sunnydale High School, where the school librarian, Rupert Giles, informed her that he was her new Watcher. Though not of her own free will, Buffy was pulled back into the life of the Slayer. Buffy became friends with (and told her secret of being the Slayer to) Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, and to some extent Cordelia Chase, and Oz Willow's boyfriend. They often helped in her Slayer endeavors. Buffy over a year's span developed a loving realtionship with Angel, a vampire cursed with a soul. That relationsip was put on hiatis when he lost his soul, turning him back into his evil vampiric self. This effected Buffy greatly and after having to deal with sending Angel to hell even though his soul was restored she ran away. After a summer of her living the dream and pretending to be someone else she returned to Sunnydale to deal with her problems. Nothing really was the same after that. Angel returned from Hell because of some powerful source and Buffy anf Angel got back together. Ultimately, Angel eventually realized that as Buffy got older, their relationship would be doomed, so he left her, "for her own good.". During her freshman year at UC Sunnydale Buffy roomed with Willow (after an experience with a demon, soul-stealing roomate) and developed a relationship with TA and Intiative soldier Riley Finn. After about a year together, Riley left Buffy and Sunnydale for a mission with the Intiative (a secret society for the government), and because he felt that Buffy didn't need or love him. During her sophmore year at college, Buffy survivied many famile crises. First she discovered that her 14 year-old sister (introduced in Season 5) isn't actually her sister (which explains why us fans always thought she was an only child), but is a mystical "key", that will open up a portal reeking all hell on Earth, turned into human form and placed in Buffy's life (false memories and all) so that Buffy could protect her. Then her mom had a brain tumor removed only to later die from an aneurysm. In the final fight against Glory, a hellgod trying to use "the key", Buffy sacrificed her life to save Dawn's and the world. She later came back from the dead by a powerful magics done by Willow and has sang and danced and developed a "realtionship" with Spike but one has to wonder is she happy?

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Cordelia Chase-

Cordelia Chase was borned and raised in Sunndale. She was a classic snob. She was a popular cheerleader, extremely self-centered, and always speaks her mind ("Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass"). When Buffy first came to Sunnydale Cordelia tried to befriend her, since everyone from Los Angeles must be cool and she passed the extremely hard coolness test *G*. But after Buffy attacked her with a stake, and then began hanging out with "losers" Willow and Xander, Cordelia decided to shun her instead. It was a mutual dislike, but eventually Cordelia needed Buffy 's help (an invisible gilr was trying to get revenge on her) and soon after, Cordelia found out Buffy was the Slayer. She found herself hanging with the Scooby Gang more and more and eventually she found herself in a "realtionship" with Xander. When her "cool" friends found out they alienated her, she broke up with him (on Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!), but then changed her mind, deciding she coudld date whoever she wanted. However Cordelia along with Oz eventually found Willow and Xander kissing. Unlike Oz and Willow, Xander and Cordelia never got back together, but they did just recently seem to call an unoffcial truce. She later developed a crush on new Watcher, Wesley, but upon kissing, they realized that they has no chemistry. Cordelia's family however ended up being broke because her father made a mistake on his taxes tweleve years in a row. Cordelia moved to Los Angeles to become an actress, but she works with Angel and Wesley at AI. Their dead colleague, Doyle gave her his talent for receiving vision of people in trouble, and experiencing all the suffeering LA is having marked effects on her vapid personality. She has found herself pregent with demon spawn, a princess in another dimension and in "love" with not one but two men. Cordelia has changed in a good way since her days in Sunnydale High.


Xander Lavelle Harris-

Alexander Lavelle Harris was born and raised in Sunnydale and has been friends with Willow since childhood (they used to sleep over each other's houses reguarly its not what you think so get your mind out of the gutter). Jesse was Xander's other best friend til he was turned into a vampire and was accidently staked by Xander himself. As with most of the characters, little is known about Xander's family, except that his mom can't cook, there could be alcohololism in the family (he sleeps outside on Christmas Eve to avoid his familt's drunken fights) and Cordy has implied that his father is unemployed. Despite his problems (or perhaps because of them) he still maintains his humor, making wise crack after wise crack. Xander wasn't an exceptional student, but he always been ready and willing to help Buffy in her slaying (when he can). His record in the romance department has been well you decide - he was turned down by Buffy, fell for a praying mantis and an Incan Mummy girl, had a one night stand with bad girl Slayer Faith (only to be thrown out with clothes in hand afterwards) and went to the prom with an ex-demon, see what I mean? When he finally settled into something vaguely resembling a relationship with Cordelia, he missed that up by kissing Willow...and getting caught. Things are finally looking up since he recently got engaged to girlfriend Anya (the ex-demon). Xander did mange to graduate high school. Although he didn't go to college with the gang, instead he spent the better part of a year doing odd jobs such as bartending and stripping til he finally found his calling in construction. He later on proposed to Anya and is now working through the troubles of cold feet and planning a wedding *and calling on a singing demon. lol*



Spike (William the Bloody) got his nickname from torturing his victims with railroad spikes. However, his William the Bloody nickname came from less um..glamrous origins. It turns out that he had the name before he became a vampire for writing "bloody awful poetry". William wasn't always a bad boy like he wants people to think. Before he was vamped he was shy and sensitive and an aspiring poet. After getting shot down by the girl who inspired his poetry she said he was beneath him. How rude!! He was later killed and then sired by Drusilla. Drusilla was of course what he thought of as the love of his un-life. Until she left him- TWICE!!!!! First time for a Chaos demon and then for a Fungus demon *that's pretty bad from what I've heard those guys are UGLY!!!!!* Only 120 years old, Spike has all ready killed two Slayers which he loves to brag about. He tried multiple times to kill Buffy , but to no avail (but then again she didn't kill him either. Makes you think doesn't it?). After being on of the many to ruin Buffy and Angel's relationship he later returned and ran into trouble. Thanks to the Intiative, he's got a chip in his head which renders him inable to kill or hurt anything other then demon. He is not only impotent (faccid) but he is also is dealing with his love of the Slayer. Ths crush lead to him to reject Drusilla and Harmony in favor of Buffy, and had a Buffy sex-robot made to fulfill his kinky fantasies *ok can I just say bad images come to mind*. Unfornately for Spike the real Buffy came across the robot and took it from him. The combination of the chip and his love for Buffy and the chip seems to be having a postive effect on Spike he is no longer quite the bloodthristy demon he once was. But now he is getting his greatest wish fulfilled he has Buffy. Him and her enjoy their boinking *hehe my word for what they are doing*. But the only question is will what they call a "relationship" last?


Willow Rosenberg-

Willow Rosendburg was born to Ira and Shelia Rosenberg and is the only Jewish member of the Scooby gang. She doesn't appear to have the best family life, her parents are out of touch with her life and her mother once tried to burn her at the stake (as did Buffy's mother). Willow has been friends with Xander since childhood (when they were five they "dated" briefly until Xander stole her Barbie doll) and she quickly became best friends with Buffy when she came to town. Willow is really smart and a whiz on the computer, which she has proved many times, and an excellent student who is known for her "original" tutoring skills (Percy in the Bronze, hehe). She has helped Buffy and Giles several times by hacking ingot various records and databases (even though Giles is "unaware" of these actions) and she even taught Jenny (Janna) Calender's computer class after she was killed. Willow had "more than friends" feelings toward Xander, and after years of ignoring her he finally seemed to return those feelings unfornately they were both dating other people (talk about bad timing). When Cordy and Oz saw Willow and Xander kissing they both ended their relationships. But Willow and Oz were able to save their realtionship, unlike Cordy and Xander. Willow will always have a soft spot for Xander, as shown  by her crying when she found out that Xander slept with Faith. Willow later lost her viginity to Oz on graduation. Willow had trouble later on dealing when Oz left Sunnydale to find a way to control the wolf (but it did result in many funny results, hehe Spike lips). She however moved on and is now in a romantic realtionship with a fellow Wiccan (over the years Willow developed a liking to witchcraft and over the years has grown) Tara, who in the end she picks over Oz. Willow has been turning into a powerful witch and was able to hurt and immoblize Glory and to restore Tara's sanity. She also brought back Buffy from the dead and turned Amy back from a rat into a human again. However of the late she has been reaching into the dark magic's and is becoming addicted to it

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Rupert Giles-

Rupert Giles was born in England to a family of Watchers (those who train and guide the Slayers). Both his father and his grandmother were Watchers. The young Giles was disappointed to find out that he was destined to be a Watcher; he had wanted to be a fighter pilot or a grocer to have normal life much like his Slayer. He attended Oxford University, but tried to reject his destiny and instead rebelled against it. He tried the occult with hsi friend (who called him Ripper), at one point they all summoned Eyghon to Earth. Giles eventually straightened out and gave in to his destiny, working as a museum curator in England until the Watcher's Council assigned him to Buffy Summers in Sunnydale. Giles, while working as the Sunnydale High librarian, developed a close father-daughter realtionship with Buffy much to the disliking of the Watcher's Council. Giles didn't have many friends, although he dated computer science teacher, Jenny Calender (until she was murdered bu Angelus), had a one night stand with Joyce while they were both under the influence of a spell rendering them as teenagers, and a few things with British women, Olivia. Giles is well-read and inteligent, can play the guitar *much to the Scoobies surprise*, fence, read five languages and if necessary hold his own in a fight. Giles has always been a stereotypic British, but he has loosened up a bit since he was fired from the Watcher's Council (after interfering with the Council's rite of passage test for Buffy). After the gang graduated from high school, Giles was unemployed *due to the school blowing up*. But he eventually took over a magic shop, The Magic Box, after the previous owner was killed by Harmony's vampire gang, and turned it into a successful business. Buffy also managed to bully the Watcher's Council into rehiring him as her offcial watcher, complete with retroactive pay. However he felt that Buffy relied too much on him and needed to get out on her own and the only way he felt fit for her to do that is for him to leave. So he left for England.



Angel the human was born in 1727 with the name Liam. He was a drunk, layabout who never did anything good with his life. He had a very bad relationship with his family espcially his father. On a gloomy night after a good night of drinking Liam stumbled into an alley to be greeted by a beatutiful, blond women named Darla. In the same alley that same night Darla turned into a vampire, Angelus. Angelus roamed the world killing and taking pleasure in causing other's pain. In 1860, he met Drusilla. He killed her family and drove her mad and then the worse thing of all, turned her into a vampire. In 1898, he killed the most prized child of a Romany (Gypsy) clan so the clan cursed him and restored his soul. He form then on suffered the guilt over the acts he committed as a vampire. All the death and pain he caused now weighed heavily on his soul. He ended up in New York City in the 1990's, a hungury, worthless vampie with a soul struggling just to get a rat to eat. Until a good demon, with a bad sense of clothes, named Whistler found him and showed him his destiny. Which turned out was to help Buffy and her Scooby Gang. He was in the beginning the Cryptic Guy who showed up every once in awhile and told Buffy when "bad: stuff were happening but soon their relationship grew into something more, they fell in love. They made love on Buffy's 17th Bday and Angel lost the only thing holding him level, his soul. It turned out that the curse was removed if Angel ever experienced a moment of true happiness, a moment when the pain he caused no longer plagued his thoughts when all he thought about was Buffy. Angelus back to his old habits wreaked havoc on Buffy and the Slayerettes. Including killing serveral of Buffy's friends like Jenny Calender and torturing Giles. Until Willow succeeded with the spell that would give Angelus his soul back but it was too late, Angelus had awakened Acathla a demon who would suck the worl into hell for eternal torment. To prevent Acathla deom performing the task Buffy had to send a helpless, soul restored Angel to hell. A few months later, or 100 years of torture for Angel, he returned to Earth though not through his own efforts. He and Buffy were off and on for a year but Angel eventually realized Buffy could not lead a normal life with him (only going out at night, not being able to have children etc.). So after one last dance at the Prom and one last fight during Graduation, Angel left town through a cloud of smoke. He now lives in L.A. where he is helping the hopeless that are sent to him by the Powers That Be and fighting demons with the help of Cordy, Wesley, Gunn and Fred. He been through a day that never happened, returned lovers, an alternate world and being a father and I am proud to say he's still alive and kicking (so to speak. LOL).

There are also the charcters that have been added on since the beginning such as Tara, Oz, Faith, Anya, Riley, Joyce and Wesley and Gunn (off of Angel) and many others.