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*Note this page is to be added on soon. I plan to add the music from season 1 and 2 of Angel and hopefully soon to add the 6th season of Buffy and 3rd season of Angel. For now please enjoy what is here now!

The music of Buffy

Music of Angel


Season 1

Welcome to the Hellmouth
Sprung Monkey: Believe, Swirl, Things are Changing, Saturated
Mindtribe: Losing Ground

The Harvest
Sprung Monkey: Right My Wrong
Dashboard Prophets: Ballad for a Dead Freind, Wearing me Down

The Witch
Dutch techno duo 2 Unlimited: Twilight Zone

Teacher's Pet
Super Fine: Already Met you, Stoner Love

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
Three Day Wheely: Rotten Apples
Rubber: Junkie Girl
Kim Richey: Let the Sun Fall Down
Velvet Chain: Strong, Treason

The Pack

Sprung Monkey: reluctant Man
Dashboard Prophets: All You Want,
Far: Job's Eyes


Sophie Zelmani: I'll Remember You

Prophecy Girl

Pasty Cline: I Fall to Pieces
Jonathan Brooke: Inconsolable

Season 2

When She was Bad
Alison Krauss and Union Station: It Doesn't Matter
Cibo Matto: Spoon, Sugar Water

School Hard
Nickel: 1,000 Nights, Stupid Thing

Inca Mummy Girl
Four Star Mary (Dingoes Ate my Baby): Shadows, Fate

Reptile Boy
Shawn Clement and Sean Murray: Wolves
Act of Faith: Bring me On
Louie Says: She

Epperley: She
Treble Charger: How She Died

Lie To Me
Shawn Clement and Sean Murray: Blood of a Stranger
Willoughy: Lois, on the Brink
Creaming Jesus: Reptile

What's my line Part 1
Vivaldi: Spring

Rasputina: Transylvanian Concubine
Shawn Clement and Sean Murray: Anything

Lotion: Blind for Now

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Four Star Mary (Dingoes Ate my baby): Pain
Naked: Drift Away
Average White Band: Got the Message

Morcheeba: Never an Easy Way
Puccini: Acte 10 Soave Fanciulla

I Have Only Eyes for You:
The Flamingoes; I Only Have Eyes for You
Splendid: Charge

Go Fish
Naked: Mann's Chinese
Nero's Rome: If You'd Listen

Becoming Part 2
Sarah McLachlan: Full of Grace
Christophe Beck: Close Your Eyes

Season 3

Belly Love: Back to Freedom

Dead Man's Party
Four Star Mary (Dingoes Ate my Baby): Never Mind, Sway, Pain

Faith, Hope and Trick
Brian Jonestone Massacre: Going to Hell
Third Eye Blind: The Background
Darling Violetta: Cure and Blue Sun

All Men Are Beasts:
Marc Ferrari: Teenage Hate Machine

Lori Carson: Fell into Loneliness
Pinehurst Kids: Jodie Foster
Lisa Loeb: How
Fastball: Fire Escape
Four Star Mary (Dingoes Ate my Baby): She Knows

Band Candy:
Mad Cow: Blase
Four Star Mary: Violent
Every Bit of Nothing: Slip Jimmy

Four Star Mary (DAMB): Run
Lotion: West of Here
Lolly: Silver Dollar

Lover's Walk
Gary Oldman (NOT Sid Vicious): My Way

The Wish
Spies: Tied of Being Alone
Plastic: Dedicated to Pain
Gingersol: Never Noticed

Barry White: Can't Get Enough of your Love, Babe

The Zeppo
Supergrass: G-Song
Tricky Woo: Easy

Kathleen Wilhoite: Wish We Never Met

K's Choice: Virgin State Mind
Spectator Pump: Priced 2 Move

The Prom
Fatboy Slim: Praise You
Cracker: The Good Life
Lassie Foundation: El Rey
The Sundays: Wild Horses
Kool & the Gang: Celebration

Graduation Day Part 1
Spectator's Pump:Sunday Mail

Graduation Day
Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance

Season 4

The Freshman
Stretch Princess: Universe
Daivd Bowie: Memory of a Free Festival
The Muffs: I Wish I Could Be You
Splendid: You and Me

Living Conditions
Cher: Beleive
Four Star Mary: Pain

The Harsh Light of Day
Four Star Mary: Dilate
Psychic Rain: Take Me Down
Bif Naked: Moment of Weakness, Anything, Lucky
Devil Doll: Faith in Love
Dollshead: It's Over, It's Under

Fear, Itself
28 days: LA Tune
Third Grade Teacher: Ow Ow Ow
Verbena: Pretty Please

Beer Bad
Paul Trudeau: People Will Talk,I Can't Wait, It Feels Like I'm Dying
Lauren Christy: Perfect Again
Ash: I'm Gonna Fall
Smile: The Best Years
THC (Shy): Overfire
Lucious Jackson: Ladyfingers
Kim Ferron: Nothing But You
Collapsis: Wonderland

Wild At Heart:
8STOPS7: Good Enough
THC (Shy): Dip, Need to Destroy

The Intiative:
Jake Lee Rau: Welcome
Moby: Bodyrock
That Dog: Never Say Never
Four Star Mary: Fate
Deadstar: Lights Go Down

Something Blue
Blink 182: All the Small Things
Sue Willett: Night Time Company

Camille Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre

The Hellacopters: Hey
Echobelly: Mouth Almighty

A New Man
12 Volt Sex: Over Divine
Other Star People: Then There's None

The I in Team
Black Lab: Keep Myself Awake
Delrium: Wondow to your Soul

Goodbye, Iowa
Lou Reed: Romeo Had Juliet

Who Are You
Nerf Herder: Vivian
The Cure: Watching Me Fall
Headland: Sweet Charlotte Rose

Royal Crown Revue: trapped (In the Web of Love), Serenade in Blue, Hey, Sonny

Where the Wild Things Are
Crooner: Parker Posey
Caviar: I Thought I was Found
Face to Face: The Devil You Know (God is a Man)
Lumirova: Philo
Fonda: One fo a Kind
Anthony Stewert Head (John King on guitar): Behind Blue Eyes

The Yoko Factor:
Anthony Stewert Head: Freebird

Anthony Stewert Head w/ Christophe Beck and Four Star Mary: The Exposition Song

Season 5

Buffy Vs. Dracula
Vertical Horizon:  Finding Me
Real Me
Grieg: Prelude from Holberg Suite
Out of My Mind:
Nickelback: Breathe
Yo La Tengo: Tears Are In Your Eyes
Motorace: American Shoes
My Vitriol: Cemented Shoes
Melanie Doane: I Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Fool For Love:
Crushing Velvet: XXX
Elephant Ride: Heal Yourself
Avenue's A: Run Cold
Killington's: Balladovie
Johann Sebastian Bach:  Patita #3 in E major
Felix Mendelssohn's: A Mid summer Night's Dream
Thomas Wanker's: A piano score
Into the Woods:
Emilana Torrini: Summer Breeze
Blur:There's No Other Way
Dandy Warhols: Bohemian Like You
Blood Ties:
Star Ghost Dog: Holiday
Devics: Key
Summer Camp: Play it by Ear and Happy
I Was Made To Love You:
Mellonova: hideeho
Los Straitjackets: Kawanga!
Caviar: Ok Nightmare
Splendid: Tomorrow We'll Awake

Theme Song played by: Nerf Herder