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*Thanks for a great graphic Nina!*

Well everyone I have finally out my brain in gear and have developed you a new page. This time a info page. I thought I would be helpful and tell you all of the Buffy and Angel books out there. I personally have  every book  to date and have either read them all or are in the process of reading it and I will continue to read them so I will give some insight as to what the books are about and how good they are.

I will be rating each book  by stakes. 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest *although not many are 1's* Hope this is of help to you all. And ** means they are one of my personal favorites .

Buffy Books:

The Harvest : 2 stakes: New school, same assignment. Something's wrong in Sunnydale, Ca...something more than the usual bad hair day. As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One Girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. In this generation, she is Buffy Summers, 16 years old and a new student at Sunnydale High. Her experiences at her last school persuaded Buffy to try to resume the life of a normal teenager. But it is no coincidence that Buffy has come to this town at this time. The area is a center of mystical energy, and all the signs point to an imminent, crucial upheaval. Once in a century comes The Harvest: a night when the Master Vampire can draw enough power to break free and open the portal between his world and ours...unleashing havoc. With the help if new friends and a new Watcher, Buffy's back in business......

Halloween Rain: 2 stakes: Chaos Reigns. Around Sunnydale, they say a scarecrow saturated with Halloween rain will come alive and slaughter anyone in sight. (Lovely place, Sunnydale.) Buffy's best friends, Xander and Willow, used to think the tale was nonsense--- but after a few adventures with Buffy, they're not so sure. Even without a maniacal scarecrow, a Sunnydale Halloween is a truly horrific happening. There are enough zombies and vampies about, ready to party hearty and eat some brains, to keep the Slayer and her friends up all night. And then the rain starts to fall.....

Coyote Moon: 3 stakes: Of Shapeshifters and Skinwalkers....  The seedy carnival looks like just the thing to give Buffy and her best buds, Xander and Willow, a break from staking bloodsuckers. Some greasy food, a few cheap thrills---what more could a Slayer ask for? But then Buffy senses something evil behind this carnival. Xander and Willow aren't so sure. They don't buy Buffy's notion that the carneys are somehow connected to the corpses turing up around Sunnydale. It doesn't help that her two best friends are each interested in someone at the carnival. Which puts the burden of proof on Buffy.  Can she find out what's going on in time to save her friends? Or has the Slayer become prey?

Night of the Living Rerun: 2 stakes: A History Lesson? As if real ife wasn't already overflowing with vampire-staking, now Buffy has begun to dream about slaying! Night after night, it's the same thing. She's back with the Puritans, a Slayer on the trail of a witch. What can it mean?  Buffy gets a clue when Xander and Giles starts acting like they have ancient alter egos. Now the stage is set for a symbolic replay of the night of the Master was accidently trapped in the other dimension. Only this time, the Master wants a happy ending---for himself. Buffy and her friends must prevent the Master from rewriting the script and escaping his supernatural prison before Sunnydale becomes history.  

Blooded: 4 stakes : The Kindest Cut. Chirayoju, a vampire of Chinese lore, adn sanno, the legendary Japanese Mountain King, haev been locked in deadly battle for centuries. Literally. An ancient curse imprisoned the spirits of these two warriors in an antique sword. Until the sword arrives in Sunnydale. Freed by accident, Chirayoju searches for a host body that will alow him to continue wreaking havoc among the living and the dead. Now Buffy's on the trail of this legendary vampire...a bloody trail that leads straight through the heart of the Buffy-Xander-Willow triangle. By: Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder.

Visitors: 3 stakes:Dance of Death. The paranormal forces centered in Sunnydale attract the vilest kinds of evil: vamps, demons...and student teachers? An invasion of collegians testing their teaching prowess on Buffy and her peers coincides with the arrival of a supernatural stalker. The Slayer feels the evil entity watching her every move, and she's not the only one. But researching the beast is going to be problematic with the student teachers setting up shop in Gile's home turf---the school library.  When the stalker starts to take his malicious game to the next level, Buffy finds herself face to face with a being unlike any she's ever encountered. But can she figure out its weakness before she is forced to participate in its dance of death. By: Laura Anne Gilman and Josepha Sherman

Unnatural Selection: 3 stakes: Fairie Tale. Willow's trying to earn a little pocket change by taking the usual teenage part-time job---baby-sitting the neighbor's kid. But her child-care chores turn into a scene from a horror movie when the baby gives her the evil eye and attacks. Barely escaping the tiny terror, Willow can't forget the missing human child---or the monstrous thing left in its place. The childish changeling keeps coming back to haunt and taunt her.  Buffy and her posse soon discover a possible connection between Willow's infant interloper and some strange artifacts Giles found at a local archaeological dig. The evil plaguing Willow was once trapped underground. Now that it has been unearthed by new construction on the property, it's ready to cause some major mischief...and worse. By: Mel Odom.

The Power of Persuasion: 2 stakes: Dangerous Divas. When the female population of Sunnydale starts strutting its girl power, the push for gender equality seems like a normal expression of '90s feminism. After all, a girl trying out for the football tean isn't usually a sign of imminent danger. But when the guys start acting like powerless pawns and a few even turn up dead, Buffy Summers notices  that the local womyn's movement has reached a feverish-and probably unnatural-pitch. The Slayer is the only one who can see straight during the ultimate battle of the sexes. Her friends-including Giles-are spellbound by the malignant muses permeating the school. Even the local vampires are acting strange. Alone in her search for answers, Buffy must figure out who's behind the sinister sisterhood...and close the gender gap before the feminist revolution goes too far. By: Elizabeth Massie

Deep Water: 2 stakes: Shapeshifters. Willow's soft spot for critters finds her spending a cold winter morning along the coast as part of a volunteer rescue team, cleaning up an oil spill that has damaged the marine habitat. While climbing over some rocks, she discovers another unexpected victim of the spillage--- a selkie, a shapeshifting seal girl who won't be able to return to the sea until the oil is removed from her coat. Willow takes the creature back to the library so that Giles and the Slayertettes can help her restore her magickal coat. However, though "Ariel," as the posse dubs her, is endearing in her innocnce, Buffy can't quite shake her innate suspicions of the creature whose nature, like the ocean, is ever changing.  Unfortunately, the spill has forced more than a selkie from the cold water. Merrows look very much like traditional mermaids---with one important and fatal difference. As if things weren't complicated enough... By: Laura Anne Gilman and Josepha Sherman

Here Be Monsters: 4 stakes: This is the one and only book that I do not own. I read it at a library and can never seem to find it at any book store. Basically this book shows some what if situation for Buffy through a demon. I liked it so check it out! 

Ghoul Trouble: 2 stakes: Violent Vixen. Something wicked has been preying on Sunnydale students---and whatever is it, its methods are pretty gruesome. Buffy locates some human bones that have been picked clean, and knows that she's dealing with an unearthly evil. Some help from the Scooby Gang would be ideal, but they've run into trouble of their own. Oz and Xander are literally (perhaps unnaturally) mesmerized by a hottie new chick band headlining at the Bronze, and Willow has been captured by Sunnydale's latest resident carnivores. What they need is the Slayer. But in order to help her friends, Buffy must first dust a campire---one that has an urgent interest in Joyce Summers, the unique ability to resist sunlight, and an open invitation to the Summer's house... By: John Passarella

Doomsday Deck : 3 stakes: Arts and Crafts...and evil. It's that time of the year for the Sunnydale Sidewalk Art Festival and Buffy and the gang have been enlisted to help Joyce prepare for the big event. In fact, Xander's espcially eager to pitch in, due to the arrival of a major hottie---a young artist named Justine. She specializes in Tarot paintings, and tells Xander that she senses much energy surrounding his aura, Xander naturally assumes his latent psychic powers have been awakened. But Buffy's not quite ready to call the psychic hotline. She has a nagging suspicion that something about Justine is not five by five---especially after she reaches for Justine's prized Tarot deck, which causes the artist to fly off the handle in a big way. Then there's the fact that vampires appear uncomfortable in Justine's presence. One by one, each of Buffy's closest friends seems to be surrendering their free will to an unknown, unseen force....By: Diana G. Gallagher

Sweet Sixteen *in the process of reading*

The Angel Chronicles Vol 1,2 and 3: all 3 stakes #1: After a century of killing without a care, the vampire Angelus was cursed with a conscience and eventually fled to Sunnydale, where he restricted his feeding to blood banks. Until 16-year-old- Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer, arrived in town to battle vampies, demons and the Forces of Darkness. First, he has to convince her not to kill him. Then, he has to convince himself not to fall in love with her. Now collected for the first time, are all three stories from the cult-hit Tv show chronicling the beginning of this star-crossed love story. Can Buffy and Angel survive life,death...and beyong. This tells about the eppies: Angel, Reptile Boy and Lie to Me. By: Nancy Holder

#2: The course of love in Sunnydale never runs smoothly, especially for Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer and her boyfriend, Angel the vampire. They're going through the usual early stages of a romantic relationship--dressing to impress, going on coffee dates, and saving the world.  When Buffy tries to be more like the girls from Angel's distant past, she succeeds a little too well---becoming helpless in the face of real evil. Career week at school finds Buffy questioning her future as the Slayer--and all the relationship baggage that title comes with--until an unexpected ally gives new insight into her calling. And when Angel is taken hostage by an old aquaintance with sinister plans, Buffy realizes she must draw on all her passion to save the one she loves. Now collected for the first time, are three stories from the hit Tv series chronicling Buffy and Angel's growing romantic relationship. This book tells about the eppies: Halloween and What's My Line Parts 1 and 2. By:  Richie Tankersley.


The Xander Years Vol 1 and 2: #1 3 stakes, #2 2 stakes

The Willow Files Vol 1 and 2: #1: 2 stakes, #2: 3 stakes

How I survived My Summer Vacation: 1 1/2 stakes *I try not to give any book one stake* 

The Faith Trials Vol : 2 stakes 

Tales of the Slayer Vol 1: 3 stakes 

The Journals of Rupert Giles Vol 1: *in the process of reading* 

The Lost Slayer Serial novels**:

Part 1: Prophecies: 2 stakes 

Part 2: Dark Times: 3 stakes 

Part 3: King of the Dead : 4 stakes

Part 4: Original Sins: 5 stakes 

Child of the Hunt: 2 stakes

Return To Chaos: 1 1/2 stakes 

The Gatekeeper Trilogies**  

Book 1: Out of the Madhouse: 5 stakes

Book 2: Ghost Roads: 5 stakes 

Book 3: Sons of Entropy: 5 stakes 

Obsidian Fate: 1 1/2 stakes 

Immortal**: 5 stakes 

Sins Of the Father**: 4 stakes 

Resurrecting Ravana: 3 stakes 

Prime Evil: 3 stakes 

The Evil That Men Do: 3 stakes  

Paleo: 4 stakes 

Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row : 3 stakes

Revenant: 3 stakes 

The Book of Fours**: 5 stakes 

The Unseen Trilogy (Buffy/Angel Crossover)** 

Book 1: The Burning: 5 stakes 

Book 2: Door To Alternity: 5 stakes 

Book 3: Long Way home: 5 stakes 

Tempted Champions: 4 stakes 

Oz: Into the Wild Crossings *In the processes of reading* 

The Wisdom of War * in the processes of reading*

Crossing *In the process of reading*

Little Things *In the process of reading*

Angel Books:

City Of**: 5stakes

Not Forgotten: 3 stakes 

Redemption**: 4 stakes

Close to the Ground: 2 stakes

Shakedow: 3 stakes

Hollywood Noir**: 5 stakes

Avatar**: 5 stakes

Soul Trade: 4 stakes

Bruja: 3 stakes 

The Summoned: 2 stakes 

Haunted**: 5 stakes 

Image *in process of reading* 

Stranger to the Sun * In process of reading*

Vengence *In the process of reading*