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Just like the Buffy music heres the music played during the first two seasons of Angel *I swear I will get the other two soon I only have so much time*

Season 1: 
City Of:
Right of Left Field by Wellwater Conspiracy
Maybe I Belong by Howie Beck
Ladyshave and Teenage Sensation by Gus Gus
Lonely Heart:
Deadside: Ian Fletcher
Dissonance: Ultra Electronic
Girlfish: THC
Do You Want Me: Kelly Soce
Neo Climactic: Sapien
Ballad of Amave: Chucho Merchan
Lady Daze: Make Cherrie and ian McKenzie
Emily Says: Chainsuck
Touched: Vast
For You: Adam Hamilton
Quango: Helix
In the Dark:
Symphony No. 41 by Mozart
Rm W/a Vu:
You Always Hurt The One You Love: Mills Brothers'
9th Symphony: Beethoven
Eveerday: Tommy Henriksen
Big Band Era: OGM Production Music
Sense and Sensitivity:
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love and Baby: Solomon Burke
The Bachelor Party:
Come Correct: C Tory/Z Harmon
Don't Do it: Paul Trudeau
Come on 2000: Diana Terranova
I Will Remember You:
Moonlight Orchestra
Leave You Far Behind: Lunatic Calm
Games You Play: Splahdown
Deeper Than A Milkshake: Shyrna NuDelman
Strangelove Addiction: Supreme Beings of Leisure
In Time: Morphic Field
Light Years On: 60 Channels
Pure Roots: Non-stop Music Library
The Ring:
Consciousness (Aware of You): Morphic Field's
Five By Five:
Living Dead Girl: Rob Zombie
War Zone:
Para Lennon and McCartney: A friend of Rio
Hellfire: APM Music Library
To Shanshu in L.A:
Time of Day: Grant Langdon

Season 2:
I Will Survive: Gloria Gaynor
I'm So Excited: Pointer Sisters
Achy Breaky Heart: Billy Ray Cyrus
Sexual healing: Marvin gaye
Mandy: Barry Manilow
Prelude No. 20: Chopin
Last Confesions: Kid Gloves
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?
Hoop-De-Doo: Perry Como and the Fontane Sisters
First Impressions:
Get Here: Oleta Adam
Who Ride Wit Us: Kurupt
At the Fairground: Opus Music Library
Dear Boy:
Everybody Have Fun Tonight: Wang Chung
Stinky Stinky Ashtray: Damn!
Guise Will Be Guise:
I Got You, Babe: Sonny and Cher
Vedrai Corine: Mozart
The Trial:
Ill Wind (You're Blowing Me No Good): Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday
Shock: Fear Factory
Call it Away and Bleeder: Paul Trudeau
Activity: Marc Dold
Lady Marmalade: Labelle
We Are the Champions: Queen
Blood Money:
Legion: Junkie XL
Let 'er Rip: Dixie Chicks
Happy Anniversary
Hey baby: Mocean Worker
All By myself: Eric Carmen
The Star Spangled Banner
Bye Bye Love: The Everly Brothers
For He's a Jolly Godo Fellow
The Thin Dead Line:
On a Mission: Sucker Pump
Ms Jackson: Outkast
Who's Got My Back: Seldom Seen
My Heart Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Scott Nikoley and Jamie Dunlap
Poolside: Daniel Stein
Reunited: Peaches and Herb
Evening Comes: Study of the Lifeless
Don't Say It: Baba Googie and Rex
The Way We Were: Barbara Streisand
Dead End:
L.A. Written by David Greenwalt sung by Christian Kane
Superstition: Stevie Wonder