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*Another beautiful one by Julie*


I had this great idea while I was looking at the list of Bday's I had for the actors/actresses on the show. What if every Bday that comes along we do something that has to deal with their characters. You'll see what I mean. Thanks Cecile for all the extra ones!!!

8th: Amber Benson (Tara)- either be really shy the whole day *IE Tara season 4* or if you are really good try to stutter every once in awhile or when you are nervous.
11th: Marc Blucas (Riley): Wear some army getup. You know the combat boots and army pants or you can even settle for just a green outfit with a  vest.
24th: Stephanie Romanov (Lilah Morgan): Basically be a bitch!! Oh did I just say that?? But be subtle about it. Oh and be undecided about what side you really are on *since Lilah seems to be switching sides all the time*

05th: Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne): create mischief wherever you go.
8th: Seth Green (Oz): Wear a bowling shirt or black nail polish and always remember to think deep thoughts and yet say little.
20th: Anthony  Head (Giles): You have to mention at least once that you will consult your books or pick up the guitar and try to play.
20th: Jeremy Foley (Billy Palmer): up for ideas!!!
25th: Alexis Denisof (Wesley): Run away from someone screaming like a women.

07th: Larry Bagby (Larry): Be all manly and I'm a big football star guy *yes even the girls*
11th: Mark Metcalf (The Master:Create your own plan to take over the world.
14th: Meredith Salenger (Grace Newman): Up for ideas!!
20th: Bianca Lawson (Kendra):Try to speak in Kendra's accent you know saying tink instead of think. Ok is it my fault I don't know what kind of accent it is??
24th: Alyson Hannigan (Willow): Don't drink coffee!!! It will make you jittery. Sarcasticly Comment on how you and your boyfriend  or girlfriend play Mistress of Pain every night and see the reactions that you get.
28th: Max Perlich (The Whistler): Wear clothes that just dont seem to match!!! You know ones that no one would want to look twice at you cause they are so ugly.
30th: Juliet Landau (Drusilla): This one is easy just act insane. Oh and if you have time name all the stars you know if you can see them inside......and during the day.

02th: Jeremy Garrett (Cameron Walker): Act like a fish *hehe* or you know just go swimming.
8th: Emma Caulfield (Anya): Demonstrate your tactlessness and always tell the truth no matter what the comment and don't go near ANY bunnies!!!!!
12th: Nicholas Brendon (Xander) AND Kelly Donovan (Xander Double): Be very accident prone, you know trip over things.....ALOT!!!!! And if you dare wear a shirt that should have never been sold to you in the first place it is THAT ugly. And since it is also Xander's twin brothers birthday too try and figure out what your two halves would be like. Oh and be nice to your sibling today if you have one.
14th: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy): Kick Butt!!!! Do I really need to say more????? OK fine. Carve your very own stake just make sure not to poke yourself with it.  Anytime you talk to anybody make sure to make a comment *stupid or not* either when you arrive or as you leave. *Bonus if you can fit pies in one of those comments*.
24th: Eric Balfour (Jesse): Try and think up the cheesiest pick up lines you can think of and then use one
28th: Elisabeth Rohm (Kate Lockley): Blame others for you problems. *can you tell I have some pent up frustrations with her??*

01th: Bailey Chase (Graham): Up for suggestions!!
05th: Julie Benz (Darla): Try on a catholic school girl outfit.
12th: Lindsay Crouse (Maggie Walsh): Think up what your 'Frankenstein' would look like, what would be so special about him?
16th: David Boreanaz (Angel): Ok this is wide known to my whole school that I ALWAYS wear dark clothes on this day. This year it's black. Please join me!!!!
20th: Dean Butler (Hank Summers): Up for suggestions!!!
28th: Glenn Quinn (Doyle): Try to develop an Irish accent and "drink" a whole lot.
31th: Ara Celi (Inca Mummy Girl): See how many Twinkies you can fit in your mouth and go out and buy yourself some lipstick.

06th: Danny Strong (Jonathan):Up for suggestions!!
23rd: Joss Whedon (creator): Every conversation that you have you must use a quote from either show. Who cares if it makes sense do it anyway!!!!!!
27th: Christian Kane (Lindsey McDonald): Try out that guitar and think about what YOU would do if you didn't have one of your hands

23rd: Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia): Does tact even apply to you today??? Of course not!!!!! And you must rush after the salty goodness in your styling outfits and pray that today will be the day you pass the coolness test.

4th: Andy Hallett (Lorne): See if you can feel what people are feeling deep inside. If you don't have a knack for that visit a karoke bar and hope no one as bad as Angel comes in to sing. And then sing your heart out baby!! And all day think up cute baby names for everybody like Angelcakes.
05th: Ethan Erickson (Percy):  Study your history mister!!
16th: Mercedes McNab (Harmony Kendall): Act like a ditz and try and see if there really is a book called evil for dummies.
21st: James Marsters (Spike) :  Paint those nails black again and give yourself the ever popular Billy Idol look. And try out your English accent. If you need some words check out my British words page.
27th: J. August Richards (Gunn): Rent your self a truck and put a few stakes on that baby. And see if you can get the gang look going down and maybe if you aren't as bad as Angel and Wesley maybe you can get the slang down too. That's if you can get Gunn's permission first *try ballet tickets to woo him*.

03th: Clare Kramer (Glory): Go out and buy yourself some new outfits and shoes!!
10th: Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins): Pretend to be germaphobic.
17th: John Ritter (Ted Buchanon): Make cookies and mini pizzas *just not with Ted's special ingredient*
25th: Clea DuVall (Marcie Ross): Check how many times have a good summer was written in your yearbooks
27th: Channon Roe (Jack O'Tool): Name some possession of yours Katie

11th: Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn): Think what you wish your life could be like if you were transported to a whole nother dimension. Then be whiny!!!!!

05th: Armin Shimerman (Principal Snyder): Act like the evil person that you are!!
06th: George Hertzberg (Adam): Up for suggestions!!
17th: Leonard Roberts (Forrest): Use Buffy *as a adjective* in at least one sentence describing a person
18th: Elisabeth Anne Allen (Amy Madison): Eat cheese and cookies!!!
And mine!!!

05th: Amy Acker (Winifred 'Fred' Burkle): Eat tacos and become all sciencey and smart and stuff *yes I know that isn't really a good explanation but you try and explain it*
30th: Jason Behr (Billy Fordham): Rent the movie Dracula and see if you can site any lines from it.
30th: Eliza Dushku (Faith): Go for the dark clothes, dark lipstick look. Oh and don't forget the clevage!!!!