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*Isn't it cute!!! Thanks Nina*

A friend of mine wrote a great list of things for each letter of the alphabet. I warn you that again this was written by a B/A fan.

Title: The Buffy ABC's
Author: alee
Rating: PG
Summary: a little humor in the current den of horror that is S6/S3
Spoilers: very little ones for this week's "Angel" (is it called Forgiveness?)
Feedback: let me know:

Author's notes: there are some strange grammatic structures used below -- go
with it and enjoy the rhyme :)

"A" is for Angel
    angsting sad and alone
    if it's the death of Dork!Angel
    then I'm glad Connor's gone.

"B" is for Buffy
    resurrected in Sunny'
    she hooked up with Spike
    and they _____ like bunnies

"C" is for Cordy
    a saint, now, they say
    the return of "Queen C"
    would brighten my day

"D" is for Doyle
    gone, but not forgot
    anyone else think his return
    would REALLY help the plot?

"E" is for Eeeeeeeeeew
    the word that I said
    when they showed Angel's room
    with Darla in his bed

"F" is for 'fun'
    and for 'fight', and for *ahem*
    for 'fanfic', the only place where
    the writers are nice to them

"G" is for Glory
    who tried to kill Dawn
    she was a lame plot device
    we're glad the 'god' is gone

"H" is for Hellmouth
    where trouble is always brewing
    if the gang's not fighting evil
    in their own problems they're stewing

"I" is for illusion
    a false prophecy
    which led to bad judgment
    and human idiocy

"J" is for jail
    where Faith's cooling her heels
    I guess that's what happens
    when someone's body you steal...

"K" is for Kendra
    the latest in a chain
    of early-death Slayers
    at least we knew her name

"L" is for love
    or maybe just for lust
    Marti seems to confuse the two
    Which leaves me in disgust

"M" is for marriage
    a pledge that's for two
    remember that claddagh ring?
    I think it's binding, don't you?

"N" is for nervous
    and for wiping of the glasses
    like we used to see from Giles
    when he was around to save their asses

"O" is for optimism
    and for hope that never dies
    for those for whom B/A dreams
    still bring tears of joy to the eyes

"P" is for patience
    for watching in spite
    of the hundreds of things
    that just are not right

"Q" is for quest
    for the promise of humanity
    though the journey to get there
    may drive viewers to insanity

"R" is for Restfield
    with it's seldom quiet graves
    it's from these rising demons
    the population Buffy saves

"S" is for Spike
    whom I oft now want to smack
    I wish he'd re-grow a pair
    and bring Drusilla back

"T" is for torture
    for impalings, stabbings, and more
    one thing we can depend on --
    the shows have lots of gore

"U" is for undead
    for creatures great and small
    who never stay quite dead
    and thus entertain us all

"V" is for vampires
    who prowl about the night
    searching for their prey
    in leather pants so tight

"W" is for Wesley
    who needs hugs and chicken soup
    and an even larger dose
    of sweet, romantic shmoop

"X" is for the rating
    we wish that we could see
    with Buffy and Angel together
    naked beneath the sheets

"Y" is for young
    as in characters that stay forever
    thought has anyone else noticed
    that they're ALL aging together?

"Z" is for zebra
    which has nothing to do with "Buffy"
    but it's the only word I could think of
    so don't get too huffy!