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*Again Nina is the bestest friend in the world and she made this wonderful graphic for the new songs!*

Some friends of mine redid some of the musical songs check them out.

Some friends of mine decided that the musical songs needed a little change so they decided to rewrite them. Now you must remember that my friends are also  B/A fans. Lol.


TITLE: Songs from a B/Aer's Musical (Once More With Pain)
DISCLAIMER: what's left of the characters, ie their names, belong to Joss and their other copyrights owners
AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's not temporary insanity, I've had it with this shows. This is the results. I'm not, never, ever and not going to give up on B/A or the hope they will reunite one day. but i'm not gonna watch these shows until further notice, especially the parody that is Angel.

#1 Going Through The Motions
(by the music of Going through the motions from OMWF)

Every single week
the same dilemma
Should I watch
or shouldn't I?
I've been watching these shows
from the start
but now nothing here is true
nothing here is right

I've been a loyal fan
and been through tortures
Just in hope that it gets good
but these show are

going through the motions
changed beyond recall
nothing seems to make
no sense at all!

She was always brave
and he was noble
Now look what they have
open up your eyes
if you can take it
see they're not themselves at all

they're no longer on the ball

no one hears our call!

They did really swell
in previous spell
but lately I can tell
that these shows are

going through the motions
faking it with dare
they're not even half as good
as they were

if they stay this way forever
I will be a fan no longer
I'm tired of this shi-
no gooder
I don't wanna watch
them going through the motions
ruin it some more

I can't even see
It's way too hard for me
and I just wanna love these

#2 I've Got a Theory
(by the music of the same title from OMWF)

I've got a theory
that it's a demon
an anti-B/A demon
nah, something isn't right there

I've got a theory
some girl is dreaming
and we're all stuck inside
her yucky C/A nightmare

I've got a theory we should
work this out
it's getting creepy
what's this icky
C/A all about?

I've got a theory
it could be Kellner...

I've got a-

Kellner isn't nice like everybody supposes!
He owns the WB and
forces all these nonsense!
And what's with no crossovers?
What did they make this spinoff for anyway?
Kellner! Kellner! it must be Kellner!
... or maybe Levine..

I've got a theory
we should work it fast
because it clearly
will get uglier
before it's past

I've got a theory
it doesn't matter
what can they do
if we're not in it?
We'll live in our world
every minute

Buffy and others... we've all been there
the same old plots..
why should we care?

what can they do if we're together?
we'll hold on strong
and will not wither.

we'll fight the fight
we'll act as blind
we'll pay the price
hey, we did it twice!

What can they do
if we're together?
We'll stay strong and
we'll not wither

there's nothing we can't face-
not even Kellner.

Title: Life's a show, but Angel's got no part
Author: Fallen Darkness
Timeline: s6/3
Spoilers: BtVS up to Older and Far Away. Ats up to
Waiting In The Wings (Waiting To Barf)/Couplet.
Summary: A parody of seasons 6/3 set to 'Life's a show'.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'um. And, at this point, don't really want 'um.

Life's a show
But Angel's got no part
And when the A/C starts
We can't open our Hearts
It's alright if A/C don't go wrong
We'll sing a B/A song
And you can sing along

While B's alive
There's hope
Every day's
A wish
That A's
Soul keeps
Whistle while
Spike dies
So soon

So That I don't fuck
To feel any in this Hell-like world

Don't give me sex
Don't give me Spike
Give me Angel
To grin about
I need Angel
To dump the kid

Life's a blouse
You accidentally stole
And every single theft
Can make a klepto worse
Still my fans don't know why I love Cor
They want me to love B
But Marti says 'Oh, no'

All the gilt
I keep
Only Cor
And Con
All the messes
Oh, no
Knowing that
It's bad
Well that depends

On if they let you know
On if your love fucks Spike
To know
That after death
You still can feel

There was no pain
No fear no doubt
While I was with Buff, like heaven

So that's my regret
I'm loving Cor
'Cause I've left my Buff
And my heaven

I think that was like heaven

So give me a reason to be with Cor
Please, Give me something

Dawn's not a kid
Dawn isn't sweet
Dawn is just this
She's spoiled

You'll find a way
To kill the pain that you feel
You only can heal
By loving
You have find your Angel
Till then just don't find spike

The hardest thing on this show is to watch it

Now that was a Joss supporting number