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*This graphic was made by Julie. Thanks Julie*

Here are a few facts about the actors/actresses I found out about!!

Sarah Michelle and Anthony Stewert Head both appeared on Spenser for Hire in 1986.

Sarah has a rabbit names Harley, a Maltese named Thor, a cat named Cujo and is white and red in color.

James Marsters once ran his own film company.

Charisma Carpenter was a San Diego Charger Cheerleader.

Nicholas Brendon used to have his navel pierced, but had to take it out for unknown reasons.

Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle both have tatoos. Alyson has tribal dolphins on her ankle and a japanese kanji on her lower back. Sarah has one on her back of the Chinese symbol for integrity, and one on her ankle of the hindu symbol for integrity.

Armin Shimerman orginally auditioned for the role of Principal Flutie, but for some reason he didn't get the part.

Two baby seals at Sea World in Los Angeles are named Xander and Buffy.

The hold of the plane that Kendra arrived on was later turned upside down and used as a sewer tunnel.

David Boreanaz and Nicholas Brendon both has roles on Married...with Children in 1993.

All of the actor's shoes on the show have rubber soles to reduce the amount of noise that might be picked up while shooting.

Seth Green, Robia LaMorte and Emma Caulfield have all appeared on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Sarah, Alyson and Charisma all wear the same size shoe.

Juliet Landau and Seth Green were in the 1990 Christain Slater movie, Pump Up the Volume.

Juliet Landau and Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne) were in a movie together in 1997, called Ravager.
David Boreanaz's audition scene was the scene in which Angel warns Buffy about coming Harvest. The scene was shot at two in the morning 'in some god-awful street' according to Boreanaz.
One of David Boreanaz's few previous movie roles had been playing 'Vampire Victim' in a movie called Macabre Pair of Shorts (1996).
Sarah Michelle Gellar originally screen-tested for the role of Cordelia (we get a vague idea of how might have played the role from her performance in the film Cruel Intentions).
Brian Thomas who played Luke in Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest also played The Judge, in the episodes Surprise and Innocence.
The original plot line for the episode Passion was for Angelus to kill Oz, not Jenny Calendar.
In the episode When she was bad, there is a scene at the very end where Buffy goes to her class and sits next to Willow and Xander. The boy sitting in front of Buffy is Spike.
Jeff Kober, who currently plays Rack on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, also played Zackary Kralik, the vampire Buffy had to fight in the episode Helpless.

Joss Whedon choreographed the ending fight-scene of the movie X-Men. The fight is on top of the Statue of Liberty and is between Wolverine and Sabertooth.

James Marsters auditioned for the part of Angel.

Julie Benz (Darla) and Katie Holmes (Joey on Dawson's Creek) both auditioned for the part of Buffy, and I'm not sure but I think Katie got the part and gave it up for Dawson's Creek.

The guy who plays D'hoffryn can be seen in Angel Season One I Fall To Pieces as the doctor. Make-up free.

The guy who plays Andrew Wells of the Geek Trio was also in Harmony's little gang of minions.

The guy who played Tapparich in Buffy Season 4 Living Conditions plays Rack now.

The guy who played Sweet the musical demon in Once More With Feeling was the scarecrow in the Wiz. He also played the part of Bo Jangles in The Shirley Temple Story.

Willow shares her unusual name with the character played by Britt Ekland in Robin Hardy's dream like horror The Wicker Man. The name Cordelia first appeared in Holinshed;s Chronciles and was used by Shakepeare in King Lear. It's also the name given to the smallest of Uranus's moons, discovered by Voyager 2 in 1986.

One of David Boreanaz's few previous movie roles had been playing a 'Vampire Victim' in a movie called Macabre Pair of Shorts in 1996.

Sarah Michelle has a phobia about cemeteries. As she told FHM, "I use to cry when I went near one...The first series was a horrible nightmare, so for the second they had to build  fake cemeteries."

Joss Whedon gave Seth Green a copy of the script of Phases to persuade the actor to accept an offer to become a regular.

In Mike Hodges' 1987 film A Prayer for the Dying, Anthony Head played a cockney thug named Rupert.

A highlight of the 1999 MTV Movie Awards was the apperance of Alyson Hannigan in a series of spoofs used to introduce the various catergories. Among the films parodeied were I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Breakfast Club, Varsity Blues, She's All That, Say Anything and (wonderfully) Cruel Intentions.

The first- four second- trailer for angel *the series* appeared during the intial US broadcast of Graduation day part 1. Against a red background, David Boreanaz turns towards the camera with the words 'Angel. This fall'.

The high school used for season 1-3 is Torrance High. It is the same school that was used in 90210, as well as the movie, Shes All That, in which SMG appears briefly in the cafeteria.

A vampire turning to dust costs $5000.

The zoo used in "The Pack" is the Santa Ana Zoo.

All the books in the library at Sunnydale High are actual books and not empty props.

The mall set in "Innocence" was a closed department store. A moat was built around the set to catch the water from the sprinklers.

Ozs guitar has the name "Sweet J" written on it, who was also mentioned in the first Austin Powers.

Ex-stunt coordinator, Jeff Pruitt, played the man who answered the door at Family Home in "Anne". He also played the vampire that Buffy beats the hell out of with a trash can lid in the playground in "Ted". During that scene, he severely hurt his hand when the lid hit it. He and his girlfriend, Sophia Crawford, left the show after the fourth season.

There were 6 different drafts of "Who Are You?".

In "Superstar", the Jonathon comic book has Jonathon with brown eyes, even though Danny Strongs eyes are blue.

Four sounds are mixed together to create the sound of a vampire turning to dust: a scream in reverse, a "whoosh-by" sound, an animal growl and a flame thrower burst.

Spike was originally supposed to be Southern.