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**Note all right well I did work on this page a little and it is now up to date on all the mistakes I saw up through season 3. So 56 eppies down only 3 more seasons to go. Please enjoy all the ones I have at this moment while I finish up the rest!


*Thanks Murray for the great graphic*

Have you ever noticed the mistakes (big or small) that the directors and editors seemed to miss. I have.

 Welcome to the Hellmouth: When Buffy follows Willow and the vamp out of the Bronze she tores a chair leg of a chair, but when she attacks Cordy there's a well-shaped, new stake in her hand.

How the Hell is Angel able to enter the mausoleum in broad daylight without using that entrance he's so afraid of?????

Are the band on the stage in the first scene in the Bronze absolutely NOT in sync with the music playing.
In  the libray, Giles piles several books into Buffy's arms, while telling her about all of the mystical creatures that exist. He stacks them so that the binding are facing Buffy. Before she gives them back, Buffy raises the pile into shot, and the binding are facing Giles. When she hands them over, they are again facing her.
The Harvest: In the scene in the computer science room in school Cordelia is actually able to make TWO logically mistakes in one sentence: To Harmony's question if they'd go to the Bronze that night Cordelia replies: Of course we're going to the Bronze, Friday night, no cover. When it's Friday, why do the scoobs have to go to school the day after? And as you can see later: They do have to pay to get into the Bronze!!
The Witch: On the sign to the cheerleader Try out is written: Cheerleader Tryouts 1996. Doesn't that season play in 1997???
When Buffy and Giles arrive at the Madison's house, the license plate of Giles' car is missing.
When Giles and Buffy arrive at teh Madison home, Gile's car is missing its front license plate.
What I want to know when and how did Amy get Buffy's bracelet??
Teacher's Pet: Dr. Gregory's narration on the ant features a slide of a beetle, not an ant.
As Natalie eats her insect sandwich, for most of the scene her sweater sleeves are pulled up to her elbows. However, for the close-up of her hands pouring the insects on to the bread, the cuffs cover her wrists.

Never kill a boy on the first date:  Buffy says to Angel "Bite me!" And then flinches, sending him a sorry look. Which is surprising, considering Buffy finds out that Angel is a vampire two eps later...

As Buffy tells Giles 'if the Apocalypse comes, beep me', she reaches forward, grabs her pager and holds it up. The next shot is from the side and there is no table or platform on which the pager could have been resting.

The Pack:  The students eat the pig raw. Then why is neither on the students clothes, nore on the bones or the floor or anywhere ANY hint of blood to be seen???

Angel: Buffy advises Angel to stay the day over in her room even before she knows he's a vamp.

In Angel, when staking Darla, Angel comes from behind, growling, but he never vamped out.

In the end of that ep, Buffy and her slayerettes are at the Bronze. In a short cut the entrance is seeable and on the sigh is written: closed for fumigation.
When Angel hears Joyce scream from inside the Summer's home, Sarah Michelle Gellar's scream from earlier in the eppy is used.
Just before Buffy is attacked by The Three, she passes a green-lit window. After Angel saves her, the pair run off in the opposite direction to that which Buffy arrived, but pass the same window.
When Buffy takes Angel his dinner in her bedroom, she is wearing a shiny-red lipstick; after the discussion about her diary, she isn't.

I  jane:  Buffy has even two wrong birtday dates, but I think you already know that one.

When Moloch looks through the files of the students there's the same picture for different kids to be seen.

The Puppet Show:  Surprisingly nobody hears the fight behind that  *little piece of cloth* in the end.
While Buffy is says, 'I'm never going to stop washing my hands', you can hear Willow typing and the computer beeping. However, the monitor is visible and there is no program running.
Buffy lives a pretty fair distance from the school and Sid's got only little legs, so how did he manage to get all the way from school to Buffy's house and back in a night?
After Sid stabs the demon, the knife sticking out of Marc's body. When Buffy picks up Sid, the knife has disappeared.
Nightmares: How did Buffy get to the hospital in daylight if she had become a vampire.

Out of Mind, Out of Sight: Right before we see Buffy tied to that chair in the Bronze the entrance is to be seen. The sign says: closed for fumigation. Even when the fumigation of the club lies like two weeks back.
As Giles says, 'I've never actually heard of anyone being attacked by a lone baseball bat before.' Xander puts a potato chip in his mouth. In the next shot from a slightly different angel Xander is holding a sandwich as he says, 'Maybe it's a vampire bat.'
There is clearly something strange going on in the cafeteria, as Buffy's French Fries chaneg into a drink during the same scene.
Why did Marcie's clothes become invisible as well as her body? If it's something to do with their being in contact with her body then why isn't the knife she holds also invisible?
Prophecy girl:  When Xander and Buffy are talking on a bench outside his bag strap switches from side to side in pretty much every shot.
While Buffy is walking in the tunnels the shadow of one of the production team can be seem on the wall.
In When She Was Bad, Buffy is wearing one pair of pants and a pink camisole. And in the next scene she is wearing another pair of pants a white tank but it is the same day.
Watch the tree with the conveniently placed stake-shaped branch. In the preceding scene the pointed branch is missing.
When Giles is hanging above the skeleton, his left hand brushes over its ribcage and the 'bones' bend.
The Annointed One sees the remains of the Master's skull at the climax, but Buffy smashed it earlier.
In Some Assembly Required the cheerleaders were from  Fondren High so why did they have the letter 'J' on their uniforms?
None of the pics that Eric develops matches the ones he took.
In School Hard when Buffy is dancing with Willow and Xander, Spike says that he is going to call the police because there is someone outside trying to bite a girl's neck and Buffy runs outside, Spike has no jacket on. Then when he is outside, he has one on. Where did he get that jacket or when did he get it on?

In that same scene in School Hard, when Willow and Buffy are studying, there are books on teh table. Then when Xander goes to get a stake form Buffy's purse, they are no longer there.

The vampires cut the power in the school right?? So why is the cabinet light still on??

In Inca Mummy Girl  Xander and Ampata are sitting on the bleachers with xander's bag lying on the seat in front of them and when the bodyguard attacks them the bag is knocked off and lands on the footrest. But when Xander gets up and runs off with Ampaa, the bag has returned to its original position.
In Reptile Boy the student lounge must have the fastest Coke machine in the world. Willow buys a can of Coca-Cola Classic, which is delivered almost before the coins have left her hand.
In Halloween when Giles is talking to Ethan and Giles tells Willow to go, you can hear the door clearly shut, but Willow has been turned into a ghost, so she can't touch anything. So how did she open the door or why didn't she just walk through it?

In 'Halloween' when in the bathroom, Buffy and Willow reading the watcher's guide Willow reads that date '1775' and then says Angel was 18 and still human. This is wrong cuz in later episodes it is shown that Angel was turned in 1753 and was 26.

In Halloween, when Oz is driving the striped van, his steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car!

In Halloween, while reviewing the video of Buffy's fight Spike orders the vampire to rewind. At that point both Buffy and teh vamp are standing and fighting. However, after the tape is 'rewound', Buffy has the vampire on the ground and is rasing the wooden signto stake the vamp. Another thing about that, if vampires cast no reflection how do they appear on video tape if it uses mirrors as part of the focusing/viewfinding part.

In Dark Age when Giles is calling everyone involved in the Eyghon thing, he crosses out the girl's name and puts his glasses down near the notebook. Then the camera zooms in on the list of names and the glasses are on top of the notebook. It's the case of the moving glasses!

In Dark Age Buffy's microphone is clearly showing.

In Dark Age, Cordelia says the police were asking Giles about a homicide. How could she know this if she entered the library after that was mentioned?

In What's My Line Part 1, when the bus carrying the first bounty hunter arrives, look at teh steps. The flooring is white and a WATCH YOUR STEP sign is stuck to the side of each step. However, when the hunter steps down onto the flooring is now red and the signs have disappeared.

Also in that eppie, During the 'chick fight' Kendra slams Buffy onto Angel's table, causing its legs to break and the table to collapse. However, for the remainder of the fight after BUffy gets up the tabel debris is now gone.

In that eppie, Angel's reflection can be briefly seen in the frame of a picture in Buffy's room.

 In one eppy Willow has a bottom locker and in another, she has a top. It's still the same school year!

In What's My Line Part 2, Cordelia pulls a worm from her hair and drops it on to a book marked 'Biology', which Xander slams shut. In later shots, its a different book.

Also in that eppie, Spike says the ritual must take place on a full moon where as the Giles says it must be on a the night of a new moon. Someone's got to be wrong there.

In Ted,  when Buffy climbs into her room her nightstand is in darkness but in close shots it is well illuminated.

Also in that eppie, after Buffy punches Ted, he drops her diary and as Ted hits Buffy it can be seen on the floor but when Ted picks Buffy up the diary is gone.

 In the eppy Bad Eggs after Willow enters the science lab and stands next to the dead hatching in the dissection dish, look over her shoulder at the chalkboard in thebackground. You can clearly see the words "Posting Board" written on it. This was done by stunt cordinator Jeff Pruitt, and it's a shout out to all the regulars on the Posting Board. Yes I am aware of the fact that this isn't a mistake but I thought I would just point it out.

Also in that eppie, watch closely in the scene in the library where Buffy puts her egg on the desk close to a chain. the position of the chain and the egg change from shot to shot like 4 times!!!
During Surprise you see Angel in pain in bed - Nude, then all of a sudden he has underwear on, then he mysteriously runs outside FULLY clothed and falls down in the rain and is SOAKING WET...then when he bites the women's neck...he is mysteriously "dry". Oh come on you know you noticed it too!
Also in that eppie, how do the boxes containing the body parts of the Judge fit together??? When the panels open, inside is one big chamber, but it should be six little ones.
In Innocence, when Angel walks into the room that Jenny's uncle is in to kill him, there's a mirror in the back of him *Jenny's uncle* and Angel has a reflection. For all of you who don't know Vampires don't have reflections.

Also in Innocence when Angel comes into Jenny's uncle's room, he just walks in...Don't vampires have to be invited??

Another from Innocence, when they are all in the mall, there is a shot of Drusilla sitting on the floor where she has quite a definite reflection in the shiny pillar thing behind her. They must have been having trouble with reflections during the filming of THAT eppy.
In Innocence first Buffy has no nail polish on, then she gets up and leaves Angel's bed and suddenly she has nail polish on. Another magic trick! Just this time it's magically appearing Nail polish.

Since Buffy has super hearing and senses why didn't she feel Angel get up or call him call her from outside in Innocence.

In Innocence, when Buffy is looking around for Angel after waking up, there is sounds of pouring rain and lightning. But, when they show Angel outside, there is no rain or lightning.

Gile's car had some trouble getting started in the episode Phases, for the scene in which Buffy and Giles aprroach the Bronze. So the crew recruited a couple of extras to help push the car as if it were driven towards the camera. If you watch carefully, you can see the tops of their heads through the car's rear window.

In Phases, Willow runs into the library right after running away from Oz the werewolf. When she comes in Giels isn't wearing any glasses, next shot glasses on, next of, then again on. I mean I know Giles likes to take his glasses on and off but thsi is ridculous!

Also in Phases, while Willow was running away from werewolf Oz she falls then the hunter guys come and she runs off with dirt on her overalls. But when she leaves the libray with Buffy and Giles, there isn't a speck of dirt on her. It's a laundry miracle!
Near the end of 'Phases' when Giles is preparing the gun to shoot Oz with his glasses keep switching form being on and off.
Also in Phases, while Buffy is trapped in the net her flashlight is off, it's on again when the net lowers to the ground.
In Bewitched,Bothered and Bewildered, the timescale of the end of the eppy is impossible. Xander saves Cordelia from the mob of girls early in the day, yet when they arrive at Buffy's house to hide it's evening.
In I Only Have Eyes For You, After Snyder leaves Buffy alone in his office, the 1955 yearbook falls from the bookshelf. When it hits the floor, you can see teh cover flip open. As Buffy bends down however the book is closed.
Also in that eppie, 'I Only Have Eyes For You' by the Flamingos is used during the flashbacks to 1955. However, the song wasn't released until 1959.
 In Becoming Two, not only does Angel grow sideburns during the fight scene,  but he also has a receding hairline!!!!
Also in that eppie, why does Buffy invite Spike into her home?? you would think she would have learned after what happened in Passions. And also when did Xander show Buffy the 'funky looking mansion' on Crawford Street?
In Anne, when Buffy climbs up the chain, she is wearing Ked-like sneakers, then when she lifts the gate and leaves she is wearing Nike like sneakers. Small discovery yes but still.....
For most of the eppie Buffy wears a purple T-shirt under a black hooded sweatshirt. However, after she beats up the guards and tells the other runaways, 'Anyone who's not having fun here, follow me,' she's wearing a different top beneath  her sweatshirt. For the rest of the episode the purple top is back.
Wasn't Larry a senior last year too??
In Dead Man's Party when Xander asks the group to vote on how Buffy's homecoming should be celebrated, Willow raises her right hand with a pencil in it. When the camera angel returns to Willow, her hand is still raised but where is the pencil?
In Faith,Hope and Trick after Buffy tries to stake Kakistos the second time, she leaves the stake sticking out of his chest. When Faith drives the huge beam through Kakisto's chest, the smaller stake is gone.
In Beauty and the Beasts, when Angel hugs Buffy, the chains are gone from the shackles on his wrists.
Also in that eppie when Oz transforms, he doesn't remove his clothes. During the transformation, there's no indication that Oz's clothes are ripping apart, but when we see Wolf-Oz his clothes are gone.
In Homecoming, after Buffy and Faith finish their training session Faith lays the punching pads on the table. In the next shot, Faith is still holding them.
In Band Candy,  why do all of the spell-affected adults, regardless of their age, speak and act as though their teenage years were during the 70's?
In Lovers Walks, while Spike holds the borken bottole up to Willow's face, the position of her hair changes from shot to shot.
In Gingerbread,  during the locker search, a cop is looking through a coin purse behind Snyder. Some time later the same cop is looking through the same purse.
In Helpless,  Buffy says she and her dad go to the Ice Show every year for her birthday, but trhere was no mention of this last year during Surprise.
In The Zeppo, the cafeteria scene begins with a shot of the lunch counter. The camera rises and we see Xander in the background along with Buffy and Willow . Oz is nowhere to be seen and Xander is wearing completely different clothes from the rest of the scene. (This is footage from I Only Have Eyes For You).
Also in this eppie, Jack says he couldn't raise his dead friends  earlier because he 'had to wait eight months for the stars to align' but he died three weeks ago himself and his grandpappy raised him the same night. Doesn't make sense.
In Consequences, the detecive questioning the witness at the crime scene says 'You heard the man scream at about what time last night?' but Finch didn't scream.
In Dopplegangland, how did Wesley get into the bathroom before Cordelia and Evil Willow? He was running towards them in the hallway, but somehow got in there first and come from behind Cordelia.
In Enemies, when Cordelia enters the library to ask Wesley to dinner, the sound effect of her shows on the floor doesn't match the action on the screen.
Also in that eppie, when Angel slides the Mayor's letter opener across the desk, you can see the refliction of his hand on the nameplate.
In 'Earshot' the clock tower Buffy climbs to reach Jonathen keeps changing time, and not with a few mins difference, I'm talking like 30mins.
In Earshot  the lunch lady's stunt double weighs about 20 twenty pounds less.
In Choices, after the Gavrok spider-crab thing is killed by Buffy, Angel helps her up, but where had the dead creature gone?
In The Prom when Wesley and Giles are standing at the table, we see Wesley holding a yellow napkin, then the screen goes to Cordelia entering, and when we go back to Giles and Buffy the napkin is red.
Also in this eppie where did Angel het his tux from? Is there an all-night tux renting shop in Sunnydale?
In Graduation day 1, when Buffy tends to Angel's wounds in the library, the shots from the front show sweat on his face, but from the side is looks dry.
In 'Grad 2' when the mayor is suffocating Buffy and Angel is pulling him away from her you can clearly see Angel's reflection in the glass behind him.
In'Something Blue', when Buffy and Spike are sitting in a chair in Giles' apartmentment, behind them is a glass cabinet and if you watch closely you can see Spike's reflection when he moves.

In Hush, when the clock tower is first shown, the time says 1:00, but when they show the Gentlemen inside it a moment later, it is a little past 4:00.

In Goodbye Iowa after Adam stabs Riley, there isn't a hole in his  shirt. Also, there isn't any blood on the bandana Buffy ties on his  hand.

In 'This years girl' when Buffy, Willow and Xander are in the woods looking for Adam finding a demon he disected, in the background you can see a soundman waving a white mic around.

In 'Eternity' when Angel bursts in Rebecca Lowell's mansion, I don't think he was invited.


During 'City of' When Angel pretends to be drunk he doesn't have the
retractable stakes on his sleeves, that he uses in the alley during the
next scene.

Some pesky reflections sneak in, Angel's can be seen on a table top
in the bar and when Russell gets pushed out of the window, and falls
earthward his reflection is in the windows behind.

In "Eternity" when the actress is frightened by the man who┤s in her
house, Angel┤s crashes through the window to help her...but he wasn┤tinvited, so how did he possibly do that?
Same ep, when she drugs him....Vampires do not have a metabolism, so how could these drugs have possibly taken effect?
AND - they chained him to the bed - beeing evil and stronger than
normally he would have freed himself in no time....When Angel first looks at the car there is loads of smoke coming out
of the exhaust, but the camera pans away and goes back - no smoke.When Angel opens the door to the alley his reflection can be seen inthe door's surface. When the bookcase goes over in Rebecca's house vases fall on the floor there is the sound of smashing but they do not break. The scene where Angel changes his shirt, his tattoo is missing. When he force-feeds Rebecca the blood he gets it on his hand. In the next scene his hand is clean. The time in his apartment remains the same 8.25 at the beginning of
the scene and at the end.  When Rebecca puts the drug in his champagne it goes seriously cloudy and doesn't seem to be clearing very fast. The camera cuts away, and hey presto it's clear. Wesley's troussers change three times when he confronts Angelus. The length of Rebecca's hair changes dramatically.  How did Angel get into Rebecca's home - did she invite him in

In "Prodigal", after Darla made him a vampire, when he comes back, he feeds of the night watchman he turns back to Darla but there is no blood in his face....

 In "Five by Five" when Faith kidnapps and tortures Wesley, Angel
breaks through the door and comes in...he wasn┤t invited, so how did he do?

 A few more from "the Prodigal": Angel trails the delivery driver you can see the condensation on his breath and also in the graveyard, you can see both his and Darla's. Funny seeing vampires aren't supposed to breath.

 In "Five by Five" Cordy's apartment number changes. In Rm W/a Vu it was 212 now its 6 (Has she moved again?) She also has neighbours she didn't have before.  During the torture scene, the initial shot of the kitchen there are no knives. They magically appear in the next shot.  Phantom Dennis can move objects around so why didn't he try and stop Faith from kidnapping Wes?

.In "room with a vu" Cordelia goes to the apartment. The next morning she opens the door to Angel, behind whom is a trellis thing with loads of daylight, grr... rubbid in by Doyle walking in and closing the curtains...'so our boss doesn't burst in flames'... ok, and he didn't
outside because...?

Same in "5 x 5" when Faith shoots the crossbow, how many windows? And a glass ceiling... grr ....Good gift for Angel... sun block...

 In several scenes you can see Angel's reflection in windows, desks
and walls, especially at Wolfram and Hart's....

 In "Reprice" Angel shows up at W & H party to get his hand on that
glove that will bring him to the "Home Office" and the vampire alert
demon goes crazy. Darla is already there, how did she get in undetected?

╠ am sure given time I will be able to come up with more. Especially
with things which simply aren't logical. Like....

- Why didn't Wes tell Angel about the prophecy and kidnapped Connor instead?
- Why did the portal close after Buffy jumped in even though Dawn was still alive and the blood was still flowing?
- Why was there a gravestone in the end of "The Gift" and then they
tried to make the viewer believe that Buffy was still alive by showing the Buffy-bot in the beginning of Season 6?
- During the whole Glory-thing....Ben knew that he and Glory were the
same person and that she could come out any time. Why the hell did he go to help Giles after Buffy called him, knowing he would bring Glory straight to Dawn????
- Why wasn't Buffy able to sense that Angel was a vampire from the very first day?
- After Spike got tortured and beaten up by Glory, Buffy went to his
crypt pretending she was the Buffy bot. Why didn't he pick up on the fact that it was the real Buffy? Can't he pick up on slayer vibes anymore all of a sudden.


Have anymore mistakes that you seemed to have noticed? Just email me with them and I'll make sure they get up there